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  1. New Remote viewing targets for 2021. Enclosed below are 28 NEW remote viewing targets. These have been chosen by me for the rich Feedback material for each target. These are non violent, non esoteric, full feedback – basic training style targets, Enjoy! 1231-2203 2021-0991 2021-1271 2021-1281 2021-1291 2021-1481 2021-1501 2021-1651 2021-3231

  2. The Target Vault is a service offered by Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc. and Paul H. Smith for all remote viewers, as well as those who aspire to become remote viewers. It contains a cumulative set of remote viewing targets for anyone to practice with, no matter what methodology or level of skill.

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  4. r/remoteviewing Weekly Targets (Recommended) Our subreddit's Weekly Targets are an easy and convenient way to maintain a consistent and healthy practice. The targets are selected by the moderation team, with focus on delivering quality targets for beginner to intermediate viewers. All targets are SFW (Safe For Work) and have solid feedback.

  5. A target can be anything, in all of Time and/or Space. The Target Pool on my website consists of photographs that my husband, Jim, and I have taken during our travels all over the world. We consider these photos to be safe, benign targets for new remote viewers. We do not use esoteric, or non-provable targets on this website.

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  6. › arvcourse › targetpracticepageTarget Practice - REMOTE VIEWING

    Target Practice Page. These links will take you directly to a target. Do not click on these links unless you are ready to view your target at your exact pre-specified feedback time and date. REMEMBER: You are NOT remote viewing these targets. You are remote viewing YOURSELF in the future at your feedback time and date!

  7. Part 2 - Target Practice On this page you'll find a list of pre-assembled targets to practice remote viewing. I request that as the student remote views these practice targets, that they submit scans or faxes of the remote viewing data to me so that I can provide further instruction if required.

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