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  1. We will post feedback for each target a few days later. Instructions for using this page to practice remote viewing Targets: Below you will see a series of numbers. Each number is the reference number (“coordinate”) for an individual practice target.

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  2. Fear not – here is a list of the remote viewing targets (below) – pick one, write down the target number. Do your remote viewing session then find your way back here to download your feedback files for this target – DO NOT OPEN IT BEFORE YOU DO YOUR REMOTE VIEWING.

  3. Dec 03, 2021 · Method 2: Using a target ID More commonly, Remote Viewing practice is now done using a Target ID, which removes all possible input about a target before you attempt to view it, by reducing it to a series of randomly generated numbers. There are many sites that have lists of target IDs for Remote Viewing practice, whether pre-generated or random.

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  5. Jun 07, 2015 · On a slip of paper, write down the target number for the target you choose to try to remote view. Gather a few sheets of blank paper and pen in a quiet place where you will be free to work undisturbed for the time necessary. Write your name and the date in the upper right hand side of the first sheet of paper.

  6. 1. Choose a target. 2. Write the target TRN / Coordinates on a piece of paper. 3. Perform your remote viewing session. When finished, time-stamp it (optional). 4. Click on the link and look at the feedback photo / text. 5. Research the target location for more information about the culture, activities, people or the event. 6.

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    Target Practice Page. These links will take you directly to a target. Do not click on these links unless you are ready to view your target at your exact pre-specified feedback time and date. REMEMBER: You are NOT remote viewing these targets. You are remote viewing YOURSELF in the future at your feedback time and date!

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