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    Rhode Island is a state in the New Ingland region o the Unitit States. It is the smawest state in aurie, the seivent least populous, an is the seicont maist densely populatit. It haes the langest offeecial name o ony state.

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    Rhode Island is en Bundsstaat vun de USA.. Van de Flach her is datt de lüttste Staat van de USA. Dor leevt up 4.005 km² 1.048.319 Inwahners. Dat sünd 262 Inwahners/km². De Hööftstadt heet Providence un liggt in de Narragansett Ba

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    Rhode Island is bordered on the north and east by Massachusetts, on the west by Connecticut, and on the south by Rhode Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. It shares a water border with New York. It is named for a large island in Rhode Island Sound. Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams for religious freedom.

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    Rhode Island chiàⁿ-miâ State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations ("Rhode Tó kap Providence Chhân-hn̂g ê Chiu"), sī Bí-kok siāng sió ê chi̍t-ê chiu, jîn-kháu tāi-iok ū 1,048,319, pâi-miâ tē 43. I ê siú-hú kap siāng-tōa ê siâⁿ-chhī sī Providence.

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    Rhode Island , United States ke ek state hae. Iske capital city Providence hae aur sab se barraa city Providence hae. Ii 1790 me ek state banaa. Rhode Island ke jagha 1,214* sq mi (3,144* km²) hae, jiske matlab ii hae ki ii America ke 50th sab se barraa state hae.

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    Providence is the capital and the most populous city of Rhode Island.It was one of the first cities established in the United States. It is located in Providence County.It is the third largest city in the New England region.

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    Rhode Island as en diiljstoot foon da Feriind Stoote. Kiik uk deer. Nai-Änglönj

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    Welcome to the Rhode Island WikiProject.We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of articles related to Rhode Island.. Goals. The goal of this WikiProject is to provide complete coverage on subjects related to Rhode Island by expanding articles on people, places, and things resident in or native to Rhode Island.

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    State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations native label: Rhode Island laƙabi: The Ocean State, Little Rhody short name: RI, R.I. named after: Aquidneck Island, Providence Plantations demonym: Rhode Islander, Rod-Insulano yaren hukuma: no value motto text: Hope ƙasa: Tarayyar Amurka babban birni: Providence

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    Within Rhode Island, Washington County is often referred to as South County. The colony of Rhode Island was formed in the 17th century. It was the first of the thirteen original American colonies to declare independence from British rule in 1776.