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  2. Characters House of York King Edward IV – King of England Richard, Duke of Gloucester – Edward IV's brother; later King Richard III George, Duke of Clarence – Edward IV's brother Duchess of York – Edward, Richard and George's mother Edward, Prince of Wales – Edward IV's eldest son; later King Edward V (never crowned)

  3. More detail: 1.5 minute read Act I Richard III follows the events portrayed in Henry VI Part 3. Richard of Gloucester, the brother of King Edward IV, is determined to gain the crown of England for himself, no matter what. His plot begins as he romantically pursues Lady Anne, a widow.

  4. Richard III, formerly duke of Gloucester, son of Richard Plantagenet, duke of York, in Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2 and Henry VI, Part 3; later king of England in Richard III. One of Shakespeare’s finest creations, the physically deformed Richard is among the earliest and most vivid of the playwright’s sympathetic villains.

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  5. Jul 31, 2015 · In Richard III, Shakespeare invites us on a moral holiday. The play draws us to identify with Richard and his fantasy of total control of self and domination of others. Not yet king at the start of the play, Richard presents…

  6. Oct 7, 2020 · By Dr Oliver Tearle (Loughborough University) Richard III is one of William Shakespeare’s earliest history plays, and the first history play where we see his full maturity as a playwright emerging in his depiction of the central character’s downfall.

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