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      • Richard, also called Earl of Cornwall, (born Jan. 6, 1209, Winchester, Hampshire, Eng.—died April 2, 1272, Berkhampstead Castle, Hertfordshire ), king of the Romans from 1256 to 1271, aspirant to the crown of the Holy Roman Empire. He was the second son of King John of England and was created Earl of Cornwall (May 30, 1227).,was%20created%20Earl%20of%20Cornwall%20%28May%2030%2C%201227%29.
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  2. Richard of Cornwall - Wikipedia,_1st_Earl_of_Cornwall

    "Richard, Earl of Cornwall, and His Coins as King of the Romans (1257–1271)". The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Numismatic Society, Third Series 13 (1893), pp. 273–81. Weiler, Björn. "Image and Reality in Richard of Cornwall's German Career". English Historical Review 113, 454 (1998), pp. 1111–42. External links

  3. Richard, king of the Romans from 1256 to 1271, aspirant to the crown of the Holy Roman Empire. He was the second son of King John of England and was created Earl of Cornwall (May 30, 1227). Between 1227 and 1238 he frequently opposed his brother, King Henry III by joining the barons in several

  4. Richard, Earl of Cornwall crowned King of the Romans ...

    May 05, 2007 · Richard, Earl of Cornwall, was the second son of King John and the younger brother of Henry III. Far more forceful and competent than his brother, he was Frederick II’s brother-in-law, one of the richest men in Europe and one of the few English barons of the time who actually spoke English.

  5. Richard Plantagenet, 1st Earl of Cornwall (1209 - 1272 ...

    May 01, 2020 · Sir Richard, Earl of Cornwall, King of the Romans, Comte de Poitou was born on 5 January 1209 at Winchester Castle, Winchester, Hampshire, England.11,5,8 He married Isabel Marshal, daughter of Sir William Marshal, 4th Earl of Pembroke, Marshal of England, Sheriff of Gloucestershire & Sussex, Constable of Lillebonne and Isabel de Clare, on 30 ...


    A brief review to bring some prominence to Denholm-Young's excellent introduction to the life of Richard, Earl of Cornwall.

  7. Richard, Earl of Cornwall and King of the Romans

    Jan 05, 2011 · King of the Romans was actually the title held by a Holy Roman Emperor before he was crowned Emperor, so Richard was geographically King of Germany and some bits of Italy (not including Rome). He and his wife were crowned in Aachen in May 1257.

  8. (12 Richard King of the Romans); at Swelles Confirmation of ...

    Richard, King of the Romans = (1) Oliver de Dinaunt = (2) Confirmation by (1) of a gift by Isolda de Kardinan, widow, in her independent (ligia) and free widowhood, to (2), of the manors of Cardinan and Botardel.

  9. Richard of Cornwall (1209-1272) - Find A Grave Memorial

    On 27 May 1257 the archbishop of Cologne himself crowned Richard "King of the Romans" in Aachen, but only after large sums of money were paid to those who opposed him. and his title never meant much. He founded Hailes Abbey by 1246, Burnham Abbey in Buckinghamshire in 1263, and the Grashaus, Aachen in 1266, fought with Henry against Simon de ...

  10. Richard Earl of Cornwall. - English Monarchs

    Richard Earl of Cornwall (5 January 1209 - 2 April 1272) The younger son of King John and Isabella of Angouleme, Richard Earl of Cornwall was born on 5 January 1209 at Winchester Castle and named in honour of his uncle King Richard the Lionheart. Richard was but six years old when his father died and his elder brother Henry succeeded to the throne.

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    King of the Romans (Latin: Rex Romanorum; German: König der Römer) was a title used by the German king following his election by the princes from the time of Emperor Henry II (1014–1024) onward. The title was predominantly a claim to become Holy Roman Emperor and was dependent upon coronation by the Pope .