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  1. Apr 28, 2012 · “Richard” was originally pronounced more like “Rickard”. The practice of changing the initial letter of the shortened form of someone’s name (mentioned in the article) was very common in the middle ages, though you’d only do it with someone you knew very well, or risk a punch on the nose.

  2. Dec 3, 2015 · At the age of 13 Richard was ordered to move out of the family home, and his relationship with his father was never repaired. When Richard was 19, his father was shot dead outside a local bar.

  3. How to use Richard in a sentence. If it happens, no one will remember that the Bruins and Canadiens didn’t meet during the regular season — and the rivalry may get nearly as heated as it was when Richard had his infamous run-in with the B’s 66 years earlier. The NHL’s Most Bitter Rivalry Is On Pause.

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