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  1. The Watergate Scandal Former President Richard Nixon has had a long and successful political career. He was a Duke University of Law attorney, and a Navy Reserve Commander in World War Two. His political career started as a House of Representative from 1947 to 1950 and then became a California Senator from 1950 to 1953. He served as the Vice ...

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  2. Northwest Educational Service District #189 November 2010 Nixon and Watergate Nixon and Watergate: Crimes Against the Constitution The House Judiciary Committee pursued its constitutional mandate and drew up five articles of impeachment, three of which they approved in the summer of 1974. When the President was

  3. Some sources suggest that Francis Nixon, the father, beat his boy, Richard. Nixon's mother, Hannah, was a strict Quaker who instilled in her son a strong sense of guilt. Hannah taught her son that if he should face damnation, he, himself, would be the cause of it. 3 One might compare Richard Nixon's dirt-poor origins with those of Abraham ...

  4. A Book Essay: Keith W. Olson Watergate: The Presidential Scandal the Shook America, 2003 “I am…Such a Crook” To fully understand why the Watergate investigation ended Richard Nixon’s Presidency, one has to first consider the conduct of his predecessor, Lyndon B. Johnson.

  5. Nixon referred to the nation by name, travel and trade restrictions were lifted. Nixon’s Visit to China — In February 1972, Nixon became the first American President to visit China. Touring Chinese sites in front of television cameras, Nixon established the basis for future diplomatic ties during his visit.

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    discovered by the Watergate investigators and subsequent congressional inquiries. Unsurprisingly, an administration led by a dishonest and unethical chief execu-tive—with little respect for the rule of law—was prone to abusing its power. The breadth of Nixon’s abuses was matched by the subsequent response.

  7. Summary - Nixon and the Watergate Scandal. President Richard Nixon was triumphantly elected in 1972, but his reign was quickly sullied by the infamous offense of the Watergate Scandal. On June 17, 1972, 5 republicans from Nixon’s administration were arrested for planting electronic bugs in the Watergate apartment-office complex, which also ...

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