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  1. Richard I, the Lionheart |

    When Richard I was crowned king of England in 1189, the event seemed to inspire an outbreak of anti-Jewish feeling throughout England. Houses were burned down in the Jewish quarter of London. During one incident in 1190, five hundred Jews in the English city of York killed themselves rather than have an angry mob massacre them.

  2. Richard of England, 1st Earl of Cornwall ... - Genealogy Online

    May 28, 2012 · Richard of England, 1st Earl of Cornwall, Comte de Poitou, King of the Romans was born on January 5, 1209 in Winchester, Hampshire, England, son of John (Lackland) of England, King of England and Isabelle (Isabella) d'Angoulême, Comtesse d'Angoulême, Queen of England. He was married on March 30, 1231 in Fawley, Hampshire, England to Isabel Marshall, they had 4 children. He died on April 2 ...

  3. Richard Plantagent - Historical records and family trees ...

    Richard (Richard of England,King of the Romans,Richard of Cornwall,1st Earl of Cornwall,Count of Poitou,King Of Germany 1st Earl of Cornwall) Plantagent was born on month day 1209, at birth place, to King John of England (Plantagenet) and Isabelle (Isabella of Angoulême,Isabella of Angouleme,Countess of Angoulême from 1202 until 1246) Plantagenet (born of Angouleme).

  4. Richard, Earl of Cornwall and King of the Romans

    Jan 05, 2011 · Richard, Earl of Cornwall and King of the Romans Richard was born 5 January 1209 at Winchester Castle, the second son of Isabella of Angouleme and John (the phony King of England from Disney’s Robin Hood ; he actually became a real king).

  5. Richard Earl of Cornwall. - English Monarchs

    Richard Earl of Cornwall (5 January 1209 - 2 April 1272) The younger son of King John and Isabella of Angouleme, Richard Earl of Cornwall was born on 5 January 1209 at Winchester Castle and named in honour of his uncle King Richard the Lionheart. Richard was but six years old when his father died and his elder brother Henry succeeded to the throne.

  6. Richard of Cornwall, Lord of Marlow and King of the Romans ...

    Following our AGM on 31 May, AIM Chairman Andy Ford gave a talk on “Richard Cornwall, Lord of Marlow and King of the Romans”. Andy explained that the origin of the talk was in the research that he has been conducting over the last few months into Warren Wood.

  7. Person Page - 10201 - the peerage

    Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall was born on 5 January 1209 at Winchester Castle, Winchester, Hampshire, England G. 1 He was the son of John I 'Lackland', King of England and Isabella d ' Angoulême. 2 He married, firstly, Lady Isabella Marshal, daughter of William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke and Isabella de Clare, Countess of Pembroke, on 30 ...

  8. Richcorn - Ancestry

    The king of France would willingly have granted Richard's request but for the objections raised by his councillors namely certain French Nobles in whom pride was innate. 1248 -9th February Earl Richard joined the other nobles at London for a thorough and careful discussion as to the affairs of the kingdom which at this time were in a bad way.

  9. English Monarchs Timeline of English Rulers 802 AD - Today

    There wasn't a country called “England” before Egbert so earlier rulers of the land now called “England” were not English monarchs. After the Romans left England around 410 AD the following 400 years saw battles between the Angles, Jutes and Saxons against the Picts and Scots.

  10. Jeanne Valletort - Historical records and family trees ...

    Jeanne married King Richard II of England, Germany and the Romans Plantagenet 1st Earl of Cornwall, Count of Poitou. King was born on January 5 1209, in Winchester, Hampshire, England. They had 4 children: Richard de Cornwall Plantagenet and 3 other children .