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    The line of Mecklenburg-Mecklenburg then took the seat's name for their branch: from 1348, when elevated, the line of Mecklenburg-Mecklenburg changed to Mecklenburg-Schwerin. In 1352 the duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin was again divided: from Schwerin grew a new line of dukes, called Mecklenburg-Stargard.

  2. When did Richardis Catherine of Mecklenburg die? - Answers

    Richardis Catherine of Mecklenburg died in 1400. Ask Login. Home Science Math History Literature Technology Health Law Business All Topics Random. ... Catherine of Mecklenburg was born in 1487.

  3. List of rulers of Schleswig-Holstein - Wikipedia

    In the course of history, the County of Holstein was several times partitioned among the inheriting sons into up to six lines. In 1386 King Oluf II of Denmark and his mother-regent, Queen Margaret I, enfeoffed in Nyborg Gerhard VI, Count of Holstein-Rendsborg and his cognatic successors with the Duchy of Schleswig, which had been in the royal family's hands until 1375.

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    Jun 09, 2005 · Before she died she gave him two children; one son, Erik of Mecklenburg, and one daughter, Richardis Catherine. Today he's married with Agnes, the daughter of duke Magnus von Braunschweig and she has given him one son, Albert V of Mecklenburg. Albrekt bases his claims on two family ties with the royal Sverker dynasty of Sweden.

  5. Albert of Mecklenburg | European Royal History

    Posts about Albert of Mecklenburg written by liamfoley63. The Kalmar Union was a personal union from 1397 to 1523 that joined under a single monarch the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden (then including most of Finland’s populated areas), and Norway, together with Norway’s overseas dependencies (then including Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and the Northern Isles).

  6. Margaret I of Denmark - Wikipedia

    In 1389 she proclaimed her great-nephew, Bogislav, who changed his name to Eric of Pomerania (grandson of Henry of Mecklenburg), king of Norway, having adopted him and his sister Catherine. In 1396, homage was rendered to him in Denmark and Sweden, while Margaret once again assumed the regency during his minority.

  7. Margaret Leijonhufvud - Wikipedia

    Biography Early life. Margaret Leijonhuvfud was a member of one of Sweden's most powerful noble families: the early Leijonhufvud clan of Swedish nobility (the name meaning Lion's Head), being the daughter of Erik Abrahamsson Leijonhufvud, a man executed in the Stockholm bloodbath, and Ebba Eriksdotter Vasa, the second cousin of king Gustav.

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    The house of Oldenburg held the Danish Crown between 1448 and 1863, when it passed to the house of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, a cadet branch of the same house, descended from King Christian III of Denmark. The kingdom had been elective (although the eldest son or brother of the previous king was usually elected) until 1660, when it became hereditary and absolutist. Until 1864 ...

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    This is a list of Danish monarchs, that is, the Kings and Queens regnant of Denmark. This includes: The Kingdom of Denmark (up to 1397) Personal union of Denmark and Norway (1380–1397) The Kalmar Union (1397–1536) Union of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (1397–1523) Union of Denmark and Norway (1523–1536) The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway (1536–1814) The Kingdom of Denmark (1814–ongoing ...

  10. Why is Mecklenburg Resolves important? - Answers

    Richardis Catherine of Mecklenburg died in 1400. When was Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin created? Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin was created in 1352. When did Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin end?