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  1. List of Swedish monarchs - Wikipedia

    Sweden has been ruled by queens regnant on three occasions: by Margaret (1389–1412), Christina (1632–1654) and Ulrika Eleonora (1718–1720) respectively, and earlier, briefly, by a female regent Duchess Ingeborg (1318–1319).

  2. Frederica of Baden - Wikipedia

    Frederica of Baden was seen as a suitable choice: Russia could not officially disapprove a new bride after the Russian Grand Duchess had been refused if the bride was the sister-in-law of Grand Duke Alexander, which indirectly preserved an alliance between Sweden and Russia, and additionally, Gustaf IV Adolf wanted a beautiful spouse and ...

  3. Burial sites of European monarchs and consorts - Wikipedia

    This list contains all European emperors, kings and regent princes and their consorts as well as well-known crown princes since the Middle Ages, whereas the lists are starting with either the beginning of the monarchy or with a change of the dynasty (e.g. England with the Norman king William the Conqueror, Spain with the unification of Castile and Aragon, Sweden with the Vasa dynasty, etc.).

  4. List of heads of state of Poland - Wikipedia

    After the German conquest of Poland, a Polish government-in-exile was formed under the protection of France and Britain. The President of the Republic and the government-in-exile were recognized by the United Kingdom and, later, by the United States until 6 July 1945, when the Western Allies accepted the Communist-led government backed by Stalin.

  5. List of Polish people - Wikipedia

    Władysław Raczkiewicz, first President of Poland in exile (1939–1947) Edward Raczyński , fourth President of Poland in exile (1979–1986) Antoni Radziwiłł , prince, the Duke-Governor of Grand Duchy of Posen (Poznań) (1815–1831)

  6. May 21 - Wikipedia

    1075 – Richeza of Poland, queen of Hungary (b. 1013) 1086 – Wang Anshi, Chinese statesman and poet (b. 1021) 1237 – Olaf the Black, Manx son of Godred II Olafsson; 1254 – Conrad IV, king of Germany (b. 1228) 1416 – Anna of Celje, queen consort of Poland (b. 1386) 1471 – Henry VI, king of England (b. 1421)

  7. Gniezno - Unionpedia, the concept map

    The Invasion of Poland, known in Poland as the September Campaign (Kampania wrześniowa) or the 1939 Defensive War (Wojna obronna 1939 roku), and in Germany as the Poland Campaign (Polenfeldzug) or Fall Weiss ("Case White"), was a joint invasion of Poland by Germany, the Soviet Union, the Free City of Danzig, and a small Slovak contingent that ...

  8. List of Polish monarchs - Unionpedia, the concept map

    List of Polish monarchs and Duchess Maria Antonia of Bavaria · See more » Duchy of Greater Poland. The Duchy of Greater Poland was a historical Polish province established in 1138 according to the Testament of Bolesław III Krzywousty. New!!: List of Polish monarchs and Duchy of Greater Poland · See more » Duchy of Masovia

  9. June 16 - Wikipedia

    1858 – Gustaf V of Sweden (d. 1950) 1863 – Francisco León de la Barra, Mexican politician and diplomat (d. 1939) 1866 – Germanos Karavangelis, Greek-Austrian metropolitan (d. 1935) 1874 – Arthur Meighen, Canadian lawyer and politician, 9th Prime Minister of Canada (d. 1960) 1880 – Otto Eisenschiml, Austrian-American chemist and ...

  10. History of Poland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In 1939, under constant threat from Germany, Poland entered into a full military alliance with Britain and France. In August, Germany and Russia signed a secret agreement concerning the future of Poland, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact .

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