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  1. Richeza of Poland, Queen of Sweden - Wikipedia › wiki › Richeza_of_Poland,_Queen

    Richeza was the daughter of Bolesław III Wrymouth, Duke of Poland, by his second wife, Salomea of Berg. Tradition describes her as unusually beautiful.

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    Finland was from the Middle Ages a part of Sweden, and although there was no official title, such as "Queen Consort of Finland", from the 16th century until the year of 1809, the queen consort of Sweden also held the title "Grand Princess of Finland." [citation needed] Sweden has had three female monarchs. One of the consorts listed below is male.

  3. Elizabeth Poland - Historical records and family trees ... › names › elizabeth_poland

    Elizabeth Richeza of van Habsburg Koning van Bohemen (born Poland) was born on month day 1288, at birth place, to Przemysł of Poland (born Piast), King of Poland and Richeza of Sweden, Duchess of of Poland (born Piast), King of Poland. Przemysł was born on October 14 1257, in Poznań, Wielkopolskie, Poland. Richeza was born in 1273.

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    Richeza was the daughter of Bolesław III Wrymouth, Duke of Poland, by his second wife Salomea, daughter of Henry, Count of Berg. Tradition describes her as unusually beautiful.

  5. Catherine Jagiellon - Wikipedia › Catherine_Jagellonica_of_Poland

    Catherine had significant influence over state affairs during the reign of her spouse and negotiated with the pope to introduce a counter-reformation in Sweden. She was the mother of the future Sigismund III Vasa, King of Poland.

    • 1 November 1526, Kraków, Poland
    • 16 September 1583 (aged 56), Stockholm, Sweden
  6. Sophia Denmark - Historical records and family trees - MyHeritage › names › sophia_denmark

    Sophia of Minsk was born in 1140, to Richeza of Poland, Queen of Sweden. Sophia married Valdemar I of Denmark. They had 5 children: Canute Vi of Denmark, Ingeborg of Denmark Queen of France, Valdemar II of Denmark, Richeza of Denmark and Helena of Denmark. Sophia passed away on May 5 1198, at age 58.

  7. Richeza of Poland Archives - History of Royal Women › richeza-of-poland

    The Year of the Duchess of Windsor (2021) ... Burial places of the Queens and Consorts of England; ... Richeza of Poland. Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of León‎ ...

  8. List of Swedish monarchs - Wikipedia › wiki › Swedish_king

    The earliest record of what is generally considered to be a Swedish king appears in Tacitus' work Germania, c. 100 AD (the king of the Suiones).However, due to scant and unreliable sources before the 11th century, lists of succession traditionally start in the 10th century with king Olof Skötkonung, and his father Eric the Victorious, who also were the first Swedish kings to be baptized.

  9. Christina of Saxony - Wikipedia › wiki › en:Christina_of_Saxony

    Sweden. In 1497, John was elected king of Sweden. Two years later, Christina followed him to Sweden, and on 4 February 1499, they were crowned king and queen of Sweden in Uppsala. She accompanied John on his second visit to Sweden in 1500, and his third in January 1501.

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    Richeza of Lotharingia (995/1000 - 1063). Queen of Poland from 1025 until 1031, and again from 1032 until 1034. She was the wife of Mieszko II, who she had three children with. They never saw each other again after her husband was deposed in 1031, although she was still referred to as queen during his second reign.