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  1. Right-wing terrorism - Wikipedia

    Right-wing terrorism or far-right terrorism is terrorism that is motivated by a variety of different right-wing and far-right ideologies, most prominently by neo-Nazism, neo-fascism, ecofascism, white nationalism, white separatism, ethnonationalism, religious nationalism, and anti-government patriot/sovereign citizen beliefs and occasionally by anti-abortion and tax resistance.

  2. List of right-wing terrorist attacks - Wikipedia

    This is a list of right-wing terrorist attacks.Right-wing terrorism includes terrorist acts motivated by neo-Nazi, neo-fascist, white nationalist, anti-Semitism, Christian terrorism, white separatist, anti-abortion terrorism, ethnonationalist, and anti-government ideologies.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The contents of the Right-wing politics and violence page were merged into Right-wing terrorism. For the contribution history and old versions of the redirected page, please see its history; for the discussion at that location, see its talk page.

  5. Terrorism - Wikipedia

    Causes for right-wing terrorism have included white nationalism, ethnonationalism, fascism, anti-socialism, the anti-abortion movement, and tax resistance. Sometimes terrorists on the same side fight for different reasons.

  6. Right-wing terrorism | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Right-wing terrorism is terrorism motivated by a variety of ideologies and beliefs, including Islamophobia, anti-communism, neo-fascism and neo-Nazism, and a mindset against abortion. This type of terrorism has been sporadic, with little or no international cooperation.

  7. Terrorism in France - Wikipedia

    Historically, right-wing terrorism was tied to rage over the loss of France's colonial possessions in Africa, particularly Algeria. In 1961, the Organisation armée secrète or OAS, a right-wing terrorist group that protested Algerian independence from France, launched a bomb attack on board a Strasbourg – Paris train which killed 28 people.

  8. Right-wing politics - Wikipedia

    Right-wing politics involves, in varying degrees, the rejection of some egalitarian objectives of left-wing politics, claiming either that social or economic inequality is natural and inevitable or that it is beneficial to society. Right-wing ideologies and movements support social order. The original French right-wing was called "the party of ...

  9. Right-Wing Extremism: The New Wave of Global Terrorism | Best ...

    Oct 22, 2020 · But the increase in right-wing terrorism is not just a U.S. problem. The UN Security Council's Counterterrorism Committee says there's been a 320 per cent increase in right-wing terrorism globally ...

  10. Dec 15, 2020 · The widespread embrace of conspiracy and disinformation amounts to a "mass radicalization" of Americans, and increases the risk of right-wing violence, veteran security officials and terrorism ...

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