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  1. Isabella Rossellini - Wikipedia

    Isabella Fiorella Elettra Giovanna Rossellini (born 18 June 1952) is an Italian-American actress, author, philanthropist, and former model. The daughter of the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and the Italian film director Roberto Rossellini, she is noted for her successful tenure as a Lancôme model, and for her roles in films such as Blue Velvet (1986) and Death Becomes Her (1992).

  2. Roberto Rossellini – Wikipédia

    Roberto Rossellini az 1930-as években kezdett az olasz filmgyártásban dolgozni, elsősorban rövidfilmeket készített. Ebben az időszakban szinte kizárólag a fasiszta ideológiának megfelelő alkotásokat forgattak a Cinecittàban.

    • olasz
    • Marcella De Marchis (1936-1950), Ingrid Bergman (1950-1957), Sonali Das Gupta (1957-1977)
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  4. 1948 in film - Wikipedia

    Act of Violence, starring Van Heflin, Robert Ryan, Janet Leigh; Adventures of Don Juan, starring Errol Flynn; Albuquerque, starring Randolph Scott and Barbara Britton; The Amazing Mr. X, starring Turhan Bey and Lynn Bari; L'Amore, directed by Roberto Rossellini, starring Anna Magnani – Anna Karenina, starring Vivien Leigh and Ralph Richardson –

  5. 1954 in film - Wikipedia

    An astounding success with critics and audiences, A Star is Born not only marked the first time that legendary director George Cukor had made a film musical and film that is in Technicolor and in the anamorphic widescreen format, but also it has been regarded as one of the Garland's best performances in her film career.

  6. Anna Magnani - Wikipedia,_Anna

    Director Roberto Rossellini called her "the greatest acting genius since Eleonora Duse ". Playwright Tennessee Williams became an admirer of her acting and wrote The Rose Tattoo (1951) specifically for her to star in, a role for which she received an Academy Award for Best Actress, becoming the first Italian ever to win an Oscar.

    • 26 September 1973 (aged 65), Rome, Italy
    • 1928–1972
  7. Locarno Festival - Wikipedia

    The Festival del film Locarno kicked off on 23 August 1946, at the Grand Hotel of Locarno with the screening of the movie O sole mio by Giacomo Gentilomo. The first edition was organized in less than three months with a line-up of fifteen movies, mainly American and Italian, among which was Rome, Open City directed by Roberto Rossellini, And Then There Were None directed by René Clair (1945 ...

  8. Ingrid Bergman - Wikipedia

    In the same month the film was released, she gave birth to a boy, Renato Roberto Ranaldo Giusto Giuseppe ("Robin") Rossellini (born 2 February 1950). [63] : 18 A week after her son was born, according to the Mexican law, she divorced Lindström and married Rossellini by proxy. [144]

  9. 1950s - Wikipedia

    Wars. Cold War conflicts involving the influence of the rival superpowers of the Soviet Union and the United States . Korean War (1950–1953) – The war, which lasted from June 25, 1950, until the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement on July 27, 1953, started as a civil war between North Korea and the Republic of Korea (South Korea).

  10. 1940s - Wikipedia

    Most of World War II took place in the first half of the decade, which had a profound effect on most countries and people in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.The consequences of the war lingered well into the second half of the decade, with a war-weary Europe divided between the jostling spheres of influence of the Western world and the Soviet Union, leading to the beginning of the Cold War.

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