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      • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rock 'n' Roll is the eighth studio album by English rock band Motörhead, released on 5 September 1987. It is their last album with the GWR label, as more legal issues enthralled the band with yet another label.'n'_Roll_(Motörhead_album)
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    Rock and roll (often written as rock & roll, rock 'n' roll, or rock 'n roll) is a genre of popular music that evolved in the United States during the late 1940s and early 1950s. [1] [2] [ page needed ] It originated from Black American music such as gospel , jump blues , jazz , boogie woogie , rhythm and blues , [3] and country music . [4]

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    Rock and roll is a form of rock music developed in the 1950s and 1960s. Rock music combines many kinds of music from the United States, such as country music, folk music, gospel music, work, blues and jazz. Rock and roll developed in the early 1950s from a kind of music called rhythm and blues performed by black singers and musicians.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rock'n Roll is a 2017 French comedy film written and directed by Guillaume Canet.

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    Rock 'n' Roll Written byTom Stoppard CharactersJan Max Eleanor Esme Interrogator Nigel Ferdinand Young Esme Alice Gillian Magda Deirdre Piper State Security Officer 1 Stephen Milan State Security Officer 2 Jaroslav Lenka Candida Date premiered3 June 2006 Original languageEnglish SettingPrague, Czechoslovakia and Cambridge, England from 1968 to 1990 Rock 'n' Roll is a play by British playwright Tom Stoppard that premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in 2006.

    The play is concerned with the significance of rock and roll in the emergence of the socialist movement in Eastern Bloc Czechoslovakia between the Prague Spring of 1968 and the Velvet Revolution of 1989. Taking place in Cambridge, England and in Prague, the play contrasts the attitudes of a young Czech PhD student and rock music fan, who becomes appalled by the repressive regime in his home country, with those of his British Marxist professor, who unrepentantly continues to believe in the Soviet

    The original production was staged at the Royal Court Theatre and ran from 3 June until 15 July 2006. It then transferred to the Duke of York's Theatre. The production was directed by Trevor Nunn and featured the following cast: 1. Jan – Rufus Sewell 2. Max – Brian Cox 3. Eleanor, Esme – Sinéad Cusack 4. Interrogator, Nigel – Anthony Calf 5. Ferdinand – Peter Sullivan 6. Young Esme, Alice – Alice Eve 7. Gillian, Magda, Deirdre – Miranda Colchester 8. Piper, Police Officer 1 ...

    The play premiered in Prague's historic National Theatre in February 2007. It features opening and closing performances by The Plastic People of the Universe.

    A Broadway run of the play commenced in previews on 19 October 2007 and opened on 4 November 2007 at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre. Several of the original cast members – including Sewell, Cox and Cusack — appeared in the production that is directed by Trevor Nunn. The production had a strictly limited run and closed on 9 March 2008.

    The San Francisco production, directed by Carey Perloff, opened at the American Conservatory Theater on 17 September 2008. It then moved to Boston's Huntington Theatre Company, who co-produced the production, on 7 November. The first UK production of the play outside London was at the Library Theatre in Manchester from 13 February to 14 March 2009. Teatre Lliure of Barcelona presented Rock 'n' Roll, in Catalan and directed by Àlex Rigola, as the opening show for the 2008-2009 season ...

    • Tom Stoppard
    • 3 June 2006
    • 2006
    • English
  6. Rock n Roll (Avril Lavigne song) - Wikipedia › wiki › Rock_N_Roll_(Avril_Lavigne
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    "Rock n Roll" is a song by Canadian recording artist Avril Lavigne. It was released as the second single from her self-titled fifth studio album by Sony Music Entertainment on August 23, 2013. The song was written by Lavigne, David Hodges, Chad Kroeger, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Rickard B. Göransson and Peter Svensson and was produced by Peter Svensson. "Rock n Roll" is an upbeat pop punk song, and lyrically it is a declaration of rebellion on which the singer puts up her "middle finger to the sky"

    After "Here's to Never Growing Up", Lavigne announced that "Rock n Roll" will be the second single from her "self-titled fifth studio album", asking to her fans on her Twitter page, on 18 July 2013, to unlock the single's cover art. After her fans tweeted so much and a consistent worldwide trending topic, Lavigne released the cover art for "Rock N Roll" and gave her fans an exclusive listen to the song, uploading the full audio onto her YouTube account. Lavigne announced via Twitter that "Rock n

    "Rock n Roll" was written by Lavigne, Chad Kroeger, David Hodges, Peter Svensson, Rickard Goransson and Jacob Kasher Hindlin with production being handled by Svensson, Goransson and Martin Johnson. The song is an upbeat, pop punk song, which according to "MTV News"'s Jocelyn Vena, "sonically and thematically, picks up where her first single, 'Here's to Never Growing Up,' left off, thanks to its sing-along chorus, rocking beat and carpe diem attitude." For Sam Lansky of Idolator, the songwriting

    "Rock n Roll" was universally acclaimed by music critics. Robert Copsey of Digital Spy gave the song 4 out of 5 stars, writing that "Rock n Roll" features "the best of her bratty, hook-laden rock-pop; and we're safe in the knowledge Avril wouldn't have it any other way," also wri

    "Rock n Roll" performed modestly on the charts worldwide, not matching the success of the previous single, "Here's to Never Growing Up". In the United States, "Rock n Roll" only peaked at number 91 on Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming her lowest charting single since "Hot", stayi

    A lyric video for "Rock n Roll" - featuring fan-made videos submitted through Instagram - was released onto Lavigne's official Vevo account on 12 August 2013. Irish duo Jedward, make a cameo in the lyric video.

    On 25 July 2013, Lavigne began shooting the music video for the song, directed by Chris Marrs Piliero. It features actress Danica McKellar, Billy Zane and Sid Wilson of the band Slipknot. According to Courtney E. Smith of, the video "takes all kinds of ideas from the 19

    The music video opens with a promo for Sony Xperia Z1 which includes a reference to one of Lavigne's earliest hits "Sk8er Boi" during which the singer recites a few of the song's lyrics on the phone. As she hangs up, the phone screen shows the opening scene of the storyline, wher

    On 26 September 2013, Lavigne performed the song on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! to a large audience outside the studio. The performance had Lavigne dressed in a black-and-silver "pop-punk finery", while her backup dancers — and, the giant bearshark from her "Rock N Roll" video — started the set while perched on a Jeep before making their way to the stage mid-song, with "well-timed" smoke bombs punctuated the performance of the track." Lavigne also performed the song on "Extra", when she ...

    • August 23, 2013
    • Epic
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    1987 studio album by Motörhead Rock 'n' Roll Studio album by Motörhead Released5 September 1987 Recorded1987 StudioMaster Rock Studios and Redwood Studios GenreHeavy metal Length33:56 LabelGWR Records ProducerMotörhead, Guy Bidmead Motörhead chronology Orgasmatron Rock 'n' Roll Nö Sleep at All Singles from Rock 'n' Roll "Eat the Rich" Released: 1987 "Rock 'n' Roll" Released: 1987 Rock 'n' Roll is the eighth studio album by English rock band Motörhead, released on 5 September 1987. It...

    In 1987, Motörhead appeared in the Peter Richardson film Eat the Rich, which starred the regular cast of The Comic Strip and Motörhead frontman Lemmy himself in a small part as "Spider". The band supplied six songs for the soundtrack as well. As the band was about to film their cameo, however, drummer Pete Gill was fired and Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor rejoined after having quit in 1984. In his autobiography White Line Fever, Lemmy states the sacking of Gill was a long time coming ...

    Rock 'n' Roll was produced by the band and Guy Bidmead at Master Rock Studios and Redwood Studios in London. In the Motörhead documentary The Guts and the Glory, guitarist Phil Campbell states, "I like it. It's not a great album but... there's things on there I like, a lot of good things I like."

    As with the previous two albums it was not a commercial success, even though Lemmy had appeared in a comedy film by the same name as the single, and the sound track to, "Eat The Rich". It continued the downwards momentum of the band into the late eighties, with no original release until 1991, when they made the 1916 album. Lemmy also writes that Rock 'n' Roll has some great songs, like "Dogs", "Boogeyman", and "Traitor", which they played "for years", but overall it just did not seem to work. Ac

    Joe Petagno had other ideas for the cover of this album

    • 1987
    • Master Rock Studios and Redwood Studios (London)
  8. Rock n Roll (Ryan Adams album) - Wikipedia › wiki › Rock_n_Roll_(Ryan_Adams_album)

    Rock n Roll is the fourth studio album by Ryan Adams, released on November 4, 2003.The album features the hit single "So Alive", and includes guest appearances by Adams's then girlfriend, actress Parker Posey, former Hole and Smashing Pumpkins bass player Melissa Auf der Maur, and Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong.

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    Rock n' Roll Racing is a vehicular combat-based racing video game developed by Silicon & Synapse and published by Interplay Productions for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993 and the Mega Drive/Genesis in 1994. The game prominently features a number of popular heavy metal and rock songs in its soundtrack, hence the game's title. The game was ported to the Game Boy Advance in 2003. In celebration of the company's 30th anniversary, Rock n' Roll Racing was re-released for Microsoft Win

    The game pits four racers against each other, with up to two of them being player-controlled from a colourful collection of comic book inspired humans and aliens and the rest being AI opponents; 'Rip' and 'Shred' who appear in all races plus a third character unique to each planet/level in one player mode. Each race consists of four laps around tracks viewed from an isometric perspective, which enables players to discern the presence of frequent sloping sections spread throughout the game's vari

    A 3DO Interactive Multiplayer version of Rock n' Roll Racing was announced to be in development and slated to be published by Interplay during E3 1995, but this version was never released for unknown reasons. In 2003, Blizzard released an Adobe Shockwave-based demo version of the GBA port featuring one track on its website. In 2014, a demo version of the game featuring three tracks was added to, emulated through ZSNES. This version has all rock music tracks changed to simple MIDI musi

    In December 2013, a game titled Motor Rock was released on Steam by Yard Team. It's an unauthorized 3D remake of Rock n' Roll Racing. It was in development since 2009. A week after release, the game was removed from Steam.

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