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  1. Roland AX-Synth - Wikipedia

    The Roland AX-Synth is a keytar that is manufactured by Roland Corporation, and was released in late August 2009. This modernized instrument builds on the features of its predecessor, the Roland AX-7. The most notable change is the addition of an internal synthesizer.

  2. Roland JX-3P - Wikipedia

    The Roland JX-3P is a synthesizer produced by Roland Corporation of Japan from 1983-1985. The "3P" in its name refers to "Programmable Preset Polyphonic". It is notable as one of the company's first synthesizers (along with the Jupiter-6) to incorporate a MIDI interface.

  3. Roland TB-303 - Wikipedia

    The Roland TB-303 Bass Line is a synthesizer released by the Roland Corporation in 1982. Designed to simulate bass guitars , it was a commercial failure and was discontinued in 1984. However, cheap second-hand units were adopted by electronic musicians, and its "squelching" or "chirping" sound became a foundation of electronic dance music ...

  4. Roland Jupiter-8 - Wikipedia

    In 2011, three decades after the release of the original Jupiter series, Roland released the fully digital Jupiter-80 and Jupiter-50 synthesizers as successors to the 1980s originals. They were in turn succeeded by the Jupiter-X and Jupiter-Xm in 2019. A Jupiter-8 plug-out was included already installed on the Roland System-8 synthesizer, in 2017.

  5. In 1987, Roland's D-50 synthesizer was released, which combined the already existing sample-based synthesis and the onboard digital effects, while Korg's even more popular M1 (1988) now also heralded the era of the workstation synthesizer, based on ROM sample sounds for composing and sequencing whole songs, rather than solely traditional sound ...

  6. Roland | Electronic Music Wiki | Fandom

    Roland recovered from this, however, and went on to produce several now-highly-regarded synths, including the Jupiter and Juno lines, the JX line (designed and produced by the company's guitar synthesizer group), and the MKS rack-mount synths.

  7. List of Roland monophonic synths | Electronic Music Wiki | Fandom

    This is a (possibly incomplete) list of the many monophonic synths produced by Roland. They are listed in roughly the order of model introduction. Most date from the 1970s and were introduced prior to the Jupiter-4, which was Roland's first polyphonic synth. SH-1000: Introduced in 1973, this was Roland's first synth (the company produced some drum machine models previous to this). Roland ...

  8. Techno - Wikipedia

    Roland TB-303: The bass line synthesizer that was used prominently in acid house. By 1988, house music had exploded in the UK, and acid house was increasingly popular. [67] There was also a long-established warehouse party subculture based around the sound system scene.

  9. Roland Keyboards & Synthesizers | Sweetwater

    Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer Module Monophonic Analog Synthesizer Module with 3 VCOs, 1 VCF, and 16-step Sequencer $399.99. Or $17/month § for 24 months ...

  10. Roland - Keyboards

    Keyboards: Synthesizers, accordions, arrangers, controllers and more. Featured VideoLX/HP — New Generation Digital Piano. Explore the state-of-the-art technologies that power the Roland LX-17 digital piano for the ultimate piano experience.