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    What historical period did the Roman civilization exist?

    When did Rome become a civilization?

    How did Roman civilization begin?

    Who were the Romans and where did they come from?

  2. Dec 20, 2021 · Make a timeline that lists and briefly describes the major events in Roman history, beginning in ...

    The Story
    753 BCE
    The founding of Rome
    Legend has it that on the 21st ...
    509 BCE
    The Republic begins
    After the last of seven kings, ...
    218 BCE
    Hannibal invades
    Hannibal of Carthage attacks R ...
    73 BCE
    Spartacus slave uprising
    Spartacus, a gladiator, leads ...
  3. The legendary founding date of Rome . 212 BCE The Romans conquer Saguntum from the Carthaginians. 206 BCE - 205 BCE The Romans conquer Gades. End of the Carthaginian presence on the Iberian Peninsula. 191 BCE Delphi comes under Roman control. c. 191 BCE The Achaean League signs a treaty of alliance with Rome . 188 BCE

  4. 599 BCE - 500 BCE The traditional date when the Circus Maximus of Rome is first laid out. 534 BCE - 510 BCE Reign of Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, last king of Rome . 510 BCE - 509 BCE First treaty between Rome and Carthage . 509 BCE Foundation of the Roman Republic . c. 508 BCE Lars Porsenna, Etruscan king of Chiusi, lays siege to Rome . 504 BCE

    • Pre-Roman Empire
    • 8th Century BCE
    • 7th Century BCE
    • 6th Century BCE
    • 5th Century BCE
    • 4th Century BCE
    • 3rd Century BCE
    • 2nd Century BCE
    • 1st Century BCE
    • 1st Century CE

    1200 BCE– beginning of the first iron age. The Prisci Latini migrate to Italy from the Danube region. c. 1000 BCE– Latins settle in Latium c.1000 BCE– Beginning of Etruscan migrations into Italy 10th Century BCE– The first settlement on the Palatine Hill on the future site of Rome

    753 BCE – Foundation of the city of Rome(according to Varro) c. 750 BCE – Beginning of Greek colonization in Italy: the foundation of Ischia, Cumae (754), Naxos in Sicily (735), and Syracuse (c.734) 753-716 BCE – Rule of the first of the Roman kings, Romulus 715-674 BCE– Reign of Numa Pompilius c. 700 BCE– Etruscan civilization begins to flourish c...

    c. 650 BCE– Etruscan expansion into Campania c. 625 BCE– historical founding of Rome 673-642 BCE– Reign of Tullus Hostilius. Destruction of Alba Longa. 642-617 BCE– Reign of Ancus Marcius. Extension of Rome’s power to the coast. 616-579 BCE– Reign of L. Tarquinius Priscus. Forum drained.

    578-535 BCE– Reign of Servius Tullius. Treaty with Latins. 535-510 BCE– Reign of L. Tarquinius Superbus. Erection of the Capitoline Temple. Treaty with Gabii. Roman territory extended to ca. 350 square miles. 510 BCE – Downfall of the last Tarquinian king, Tarquinius Superbus. Brutus liberates Rome. Establishment of the Roman Republicheaded by two ...

    496 BCE– Battle of Lake Regillus between Rome and Latin League 494 BCE – First secession of the plebeianson the Mons Sacer, several miles from Rome. Creation of the tribunes of the people. 493 BCE– Treaty with the Latins 491 BCE– Coriolanus impeached and condemned to exile 486 BCE– Wars with the Aequi and Volsci begin (continue with many intervals ...

    c. 396 BCE– The Roman dictator Camillus conquers Veii, one of the principal Etruscan centers, after long siege. Introduction of military pay. Peace with the Volsci. 390 BCE– (or 387!) Romans defeated by the Gauls under Brennus at the Battle of Allia. Gauls sack Rome, only the Capitol is defended by the citizenry 388 BCE– Aequi defeated at Bola 386-...

    298-290 BCE– Third Samnite War: Rome becomes all-powerful in southern Italy 298 BCE– Rome captures Bovanium Vetus and Aufidena 295 BCE– Roman victory over Samnites, Gauls and Umbirnas at Sentinum 294 BCE– Samnite victory at near Luceria 293 BCE– Roman victory over Samnites at Aquilona 292 BCE– Falerii conquered 291 BCE– Venusia conquered 290 BCE– T...

    197 BCE – Macedonians war ends with defeat of Philip V by T. Quinctius Flamininus at Cynoscephalae. Spain organized into two provinces. Revolt of Turdenati in Spain. Antiochus occupies Ephesus. 196 BCE– Marcus Porcius Cato consul 195 BCE– Hannibal exiled, joins Antiochus. Masinissa starts raids on Carthaginian territory. 192-188 BCE– Rome wars agai...

    98 BCE– Marius leaves Rome for Asia. Revolt in Lusitania 96 BCE– Ptolemy Aion bequeaths Cyrene to Rome by testament 95 BCE– Mithridates ordered out of Paphlagonia and Cappadocia. 91-89 BCE– Social War between Rome and its Italian allies 90 BCE – Roman setbacks in Social War. Lex Julia: Latins, Etruscans, and Umbrians remaining loyal to Rome are giv...

    2 CE –Lucius Caesar dies in Massilia 4 CE –Gaius Caesar dies in Lycia from a wound sustained in battle eighteen months earlier 6-9 CE – Pannonian revolt suppressed by Tiberius 9 CE –Roman army under Varus suffers overwhelming defeat in the Teutoburg Forest in the campaign against the Cherusci 14 CE –August 19, Augustus dies at Nola. On September 17...

  5. Oct 05, 2022 · From a certain point of view, it can be said that the Roman Empire lasted for an astonishing 2,206 years, spanning much of three millennia and reaching from an era whose historical "facts" are all ...

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