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  1. Billy Collins Poems - My poetic side - Post your poetry! › poets › billy-collins-poems

    Born into the hustle and bustle of Manhattan in 1941, Billy Collins grew up to become one of America’s most prominent modern day poets. A professor at New York’s Lehman College, Collins was crowned Poet Laureate for the United States between 2001 and 2003. He has produced a number of poetry works including The Best Cigarette which became a bestseller in 1997.

  2. Weebly - BILLY COLLINS

    Quickly after, Collins went to the University of California, and pursued his PhD in English. At this time in his life, he began to study the 19th Century poetry of the Romantic Era. This beautiful time period showed the blossoming of the great romantic poets , such as Emily Dickinson, Ralph Emerson, Williams Wordsworth, and Walt Whitman. As a whole, Romantic poets focused on individualism (a social theory advocating the liberty, rights or independent action of the individual), the natural ...

  3. The Poetry of Billy Collins Essay Example | Topics and Well ... › literature › 1515662-the-poetry

    Billy Collins’ poetry makes one smile. It is the poetry of the moment- usually funny and surprising.. He may be writing on a very simple thing like missing a vacation, or a disquieting thing like the beginning of dementia, or on a profound philosophy of life, but each poem is treated in a unique way to make it interesting and funny.

  4. A comparison of Augustan and Romantic poets Essay › literature › 1523006-a-comparison

    Billy Collins does stand out by making his poems come from a first person view point. These four poets will have one poem each analyzed below. Anne Sexton The poem by Anne Sexton chosen is “The Farmer’s Wife.” In “The Farmer’s Wife” a woman contemplates the routine of her life.

  5. gwenh982 – Independent Poet Study: Billy Collins › author › gwenh982

    The Poetry Foundation conveys his great wisdom perfectly by stating that “Billy Collins is famous for conversational, witty poems that welcome readers with humor but often slip into quirky, tender or profound observation on the every day, reading and writing, and poetry itself” (Poetry Foundation). Ultimately, all of Billy Collins’ poems can be related to in a distinct way due to the cynical perspective and a sense of free interpretation that he creates.

  6. 10 of the Most Important Poets of the 21st Century | Poem ... › explore-poets › 21st-century

    She famously only agreed to take on the role because no other woman had previously held it before her. A few of her best-known poems are ‘Havisham’ and ‘In Your Mind’. Read Carol Ann Duffy poems. Billy Collins . Collins has been referred to by many as one of, if not the, most popular poets in America.

  7. Billy Collin's - Introduction to Poetry and Metaphors ... › essays › billy-collins-introduction

    Collins attempts to convince the audience that poetry is not such a difficult part of literature to understand, and reminds them of why it exists in the first place: for entertainment and relaxation. Collins uses metaphors and imagery throughout the poem, and adds irony to reinforce the ideal that poems shouldn’t be read only to “decode” them.

  8. Billy Collins - 1505 Words | 123 Help Me › essay › Billy-Collins-217789

    In “Introduction to Poetry,” Collins offers a witty comparison between the definition of poetry and various other experiments. He asks the reader to “hold [the poem] up to the light/ like a color slide” (1-3), “press an ear against its hive” (4), “drop a mouse into a poem” (5), “walk inside the poem's room” (7), and “waterski across the surface of a poem” (9-10).

  9. Poetry Archives - New York Essays › poetry

    The Romantic Era spanned roughly between 1798 and 1832 and its poetry places an emphasis on the imagination, nature and feeling. The Romantic period was associated with imagination "Introduction to Poetry" by Billy Collins

  10. It’s a great idea for a book but one that could easily descend into ghoulish sensationalism or slick postmortem psychologising. It helps that the authors are poets themselves, whose agenda isn’t to rubberneck or lecture but to interrogate the Romantic myth “that great poems come at a heavy – ultimately fatal – price”.

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