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    Griffiss Air Force Base is located in central New York state at Rome, in the Mohawk Valley among the Mohawk River, Six Mile Creek, and the New York State Barge Canal. History. On 3 April 1941, the War Department began looking for an area to construct an air depot in central New York. Orders to begin construction came from the War Department on 23 June 1941 and ground was broken on 2 August 1941.

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    Griffiss Air Force Base (GAFB) is located 24km north-west of Utica in Rome, New York. Built on a 3,552-acre site, the fighter base opened in February 1942. It was initially known as Rome Air Depot (RAD) and carried out fighter interceptor missions, electronic research, installation, aerial refuelling and bomber operations.

    Owned and operated by the United States Air Force (USAF), the RAD was originally built to repair and overhaul aircraft engines. The War Department ordered the facility to be built in June 1941. Construction began on 2 August 1941. The flight operations were commenced on 18 February 1942. The air depot was occupied by the US Army Air Forces (now USAF) for operations on 24 March 1942. A 6,500ft hard concrete surface runway was built at the base in 1942. The length of the runway was further extended to 12,000ft in July 1958 to operate Boeing KC-135 and the B-52 aircraft. The airfield is currently used by Griffiss International Airport.

    It was renamed Griffiss Air Force Base in September 1948 after a series of renamings and realignments between 1942 and 1948.

    The RADC was renamed as Rome Laboratory in 1991 and started to execute research and development activities.

    In 1992, it became part of the Air Force Material Command (AFMC) to develop command, control, communications and intelligence (C3I) system technologies.

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched a $138m clean-up programme to remove more than 2,900 acres of hazardous area from the base as part of the Interagency Agreement signed in June 1990. It also planned to transfer part of the property in advance through covenant deferral request (CDR).

    GAFB was chosen for realignment in July 1993 under the 1990 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) act for converting the base operations to civilian and commercial missions. It was ultimately decommissioned on 30 September 1995.

    Other tenant units included 485th Engineering Installation Group (485 EIG), 21st Air Division, 10th Mountain Division, 24th Air Division, Rome Laboratory, 509th Air Refuelling Squadron (509 ARS), 2,019th Information Systems Squadron and Strategic Air Command (SAC).

    Griffiss Air Force base operated F-101 Voodoos until 1968. The F-106 Delta Darts deployed in the 49th Fighter Interceptor Squadron replaced the F-101 in 1969. It was inactivated in July 1987. The base also accommodated KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft, B-52H, UH-1 transport helicopter, AH-1F combat helicopter and OH-58A reconnaissance helicopter.

    The base has a secure and storage area for the staff, an aircraft engine run-up facility and mobile hospital storage facilities.

  3. Griffiss Air Force Base (11 Areas) Rome NY

    The Griffiss Air Force Base (AFB) site is located in Rome, New York. The 3,552-acre base began operations in 1943 under the Air Combat Command and served as home to various Air Force operations over the years.

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    DFAS Rome is located on the former Griffiss Air Force Base and the address is 325 Brooks Rd, Rome, New York, 13441. Directions to DFAS Rome can be found using Google. Preparation for your first day. For your first day, plan to arrive at DFAS Rome by 7:45 a.m. Parking is on a first come, first serve basis.

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    Ground was broken on August 2, 1941 for the Rome Air Depot, to be completed in 1942. After a series of names and realignments, the base was finally named "Griffiss Air Force Base" in 1948. The base was named in honor of Lt. Col. Townsend Griffiss (1900–1942), a Buffalo native and 1922 West Point graduate who, in 1942, became the first U.S. airman to be killed in the line of duty in the European Theatre of World War II when the Consolidated B-24 Liberator in which he was flying was shot down by friendly fire over the English Channel. On April 3, 1941, the War Departmentbegan looking for an area to construct an air depot in central New York. Orders to begin construction came from the War Department on June 23, 1941. Facilities were completed in February 1942, and flight operations on the depot airfield began on February 18, 1942.

    This article incorporates public domain material from the Air Force Historical Research Agency website

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    Jul 23, 2019 · While they planned the festival, Woodstock ’99 promoters discovered Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, New York, a site as secure as any military installation—and one with absolutely zero connection...

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  8. Griffis AFB - SAC - 416th Bomb Wing - B-52

    Griffis AFB - 1997. Griffiss AFB is located in Rome, Oneida County, New York. It consists of 3,552 acres3,552 acres in the lowlands of the Mohawk River Valley in Rome, Oneida County, New York. . Missions at Griffiss AFB have included fighter interceptors, electronic research, installation, and support activities, aerial refueling, and bombers.

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  10. 49th FIS at Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, New York

    49th FIS at Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, New York has 494 members. We are former members of the 49th FIS stationed at Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome NY from 1959 through 1987 ...

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    Griffiss Air Force Base consists of 3,552 acres. The Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS) is also located in Rome, on the site of the former Griffiss Air Force Base. The nationally recognized rock festival, Woodstock 1999, was held in Rome. The festival was referred to as "the day the 90s died".

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