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  1. 1984 – RONALD REAGAN VS WALTER MONDALE – Election Tuesdays › 2020/09/01 › 1984-ronald

    Sep 01, 2020 · Reagan was forced to backtrack on his statements and reaffirm that he supported the separation of church and state, but the issue never truly gained traction with the public. One of Mondale’s biggest targets was Reagan’s economic policies, specifically the budget deficit. Mondale made the ill-advised promise to raise taxes. He believed that, by taking the unpopular position, he would impress voters with his leadership abilities (what the f*ck are you doing, man?!).

  2. Walter Mondale vs. Ronald Reagan | › walter-mondale-vs-ronald-reagan
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    The 1984 United States presidential election between incumbent Republican President Ronald Reagan and Democratic Senator Walter Mondaleis primarily remembered for its landslide outcome and for a classic debate one-liner. Reagan won the election by more than five hundred electoral votes and nearly 17 million votes, becoming only the second candidate to carry 49 states. Though this election is largely remembered for the runaway margin of victory, there were several important social and political aspects to this campaign that make it an important election for study.

    Prior to Ronald Reagan's election in 1980, the Republican Party had been primarily governed by Northeastern centrist Republicans, referred to by more conservative Republicans as 'Rockefeller Republicans,'a reference to former New York Governor and Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. Reagan's election signaled a shift to a more conservative philosophy highlighted by a robust military and low tax rates. Reagan's landslide re-election in 1984 gave conservatives a major philosophical victory within the Republican Party and control of the future agenda of the GOP. The Democratic Party was also experiencing a shift in leadership at the time. Mondale had been vice president under Jimmy Carter and was considered part of the establishment of the Democratic Party. He was challenged in the primary elections by Gary Hart, a Colorado Senator aligned with a new wing of socially-moderate and fiscally conservative Democrats known as 'New Democrats.' That wing of the Democratic Party would successful...

    The 1984 election also featured the first female on the presidential ticket for a major American political party. New York Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro was chosen by Walter Mondale as his running mate in the 1984 election. The selection of Ferraro was designed to attract female voters, as well as to appeal to younger voters who were more inclined to support the 'New Democrats'.

    Reagan's age was an unavoidable topic in the months leading to the 1984 election. Having turned 70 years old shortly after taking office in 1981, Reagan would be 77 by the time he left office. Many wondered if a man of his age could maintain the grueling demands of the presidency. For that reason, the two debates between Mondale and Reagan would be heavily watched. The first Presidential debate of 1984 was clearly won, according to most observers, by Mondale. Reagan seemed lost in portions of the debate when trying to recall statistics and specific policy details. This heightened concern over Reagan's age and many of his advisers claimed afterward that he had been over-prepared for the debate, forced to try and memorize a large amount of information.

  3. 1984 Reagan VS. Mondale - The Living Room Candidate › commercials › 1984

    The unenviable task of running against Reagan fell to former Vice President Walter Mondale. Mondale made two bold choices in his campaign, both of which backfired. First, he selected a woman, New York Representative Geraldine Ferraro, as his running mate. Media scrutiny of her husband’s finances put Ferraro on the defensive.

  4. 1984 Elections Mondale vs Reagan - Historycentral › elections › 1984
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    President Reagan faced no opposition to his renomination as the 1984 Republican Presidential candidate. Senator Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter's Vice President, was the Democratic front-runner throughout the election campaign. Mondaleís most serious opposition was Senator Gary Hart of Colorado, who ran on a theme of new ideas. Other opponents included: Senator Henry Jackson of Washington, and Reverend Jesse Jackson, the first serious Black candidate for President. Mondale was nominated on the first ballot at the Democratic convention, in San Francisco. Mondale selected Geraldine Ferraro to be his running-mate. Ferraro became the first women to be nominated as a vice presidential candidate by a major party.

    The election campaign revolved mostly around the issues of deficit and tariff barriers. The traditional roles of the Democratic and Republican party were reversed. Democrats attacked the Republicans for their proposed budget deficit. The Democrats called for more tariff protection.

    Two debates were held. During the first debate, Reagan did poorly. Though he recovered in the second debate by using humor to successfully parry one of Mondaleís criticisms- (i. e. that he was too old). Reagan stating during the debate that he would not use age as issue. Reagan quipped he would refrain from criticizing Mondale's ìyouth and inexperience

    Ronald Reagan was re-elected with an 18 point margin. This was one of the largest landslides in American History.

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  6. Ronald Reagan vs. Walter Mondale by - Prezi › ronald-reagan-vs-walter-mondale

    Jan 29, 2014 · Battleground States The closest states in the 1984 presidential election were Minnesota and Massachusetts. Although it didn't matter, because even if Democratic candidate Walter Mondale had won Massachusetts, he still would have been crushed. Reagan won Michigan by 19%, close to

  7. 1984 Presidential Election - American Presidents › 1984-election-reagan

    Dictrict of Colombia (3) NOTES: The Democratic Party suffered a crushing defeat as only the candidate's home state of Minnesota was claimed (as was D.C.), earning candidate Walter Mondale just thirteen Electoral College votes to Ronald Reagan's 525.

  8. The Living Room Candidate - Commercials - 1984 - Train › commercials › 1984

    The unenviable task of running against Reagan fell to former Vice President Walter Mondale. Mondale made two bold choices in his campaign, both of which backfired. First, he selected a woman, New York Representative Geraldine Ferraro, as his running mate. Media scrutiny of her husband’s finances put Ferraro on the defensive.

  9. The magic moments that can win presidential debates - CNN › 2020/09/16 › opinions

    Sep 16, 2020 · 1984: Ronald Reagan vs. Walter Mondale President Ronald Reagan answers a question as Democratic candidate Walter Mondale listens during the second round of the presidential debates in Kansas City,...

  10. What Were The Three Biggest Blowouts in The History of the US ... › 2019/05/24 › us-presidential
    • Richard Nixon vs George McGovern, 1972. It's hard to believe that Richard Nixon would be out of office just a few short years after this election, as he administered one of the most one-sided beat-downs in the history of the country.
    • Ronald Reagan vs Walter Mondale, 1984. When Ronald Reagan took over in the White House, the country was reeling from the effects of stagflation. The economy would eventually fall into recession early in President Reagan's first term, and this led many to doubt President Reagan's judgment early on.
    • Ronald Reagan vs Jimmy Carter, 1980. Jimmy Carter was not a popular President at all, and Ronald Reagan would deliver a sound thrashing of the incumbent in 1980.
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