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  2. Coxsackie A virus - Wikipedia › wiki › Coxsackie_A_virus

    18 hours ago · Signs and Symptoms. Coxsackie A virus leads to a number of diseases, however the most common signs and symptoms that appear with infection are fever and flu-like symptoms, mouth sores, and skin rashes. People who are infected may present with a mild fever and sore throat, and a general discomfort three to six days subsequent to exposure.

  3. Child sexuality - Wikipedia › wiki › Child_sexuality

    1 day ago · Child sexual abuse is defined as an adult or older adolescent having a sexual relationship with a child. Effects of child sexual abuse include clinical depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, propensity to further victimization in adulthood, and physical injury to the child, among other problems.

  4. Orf (disease) - Wikipedia › wiki › Orf_(disease)

    1 day ago · Orf is an exanthemous disease caused by a parapox virus and occurring primarily in sheep and goats.It is also known as contagious pustular dermatitis, contagious ecthyma, infectious labial dermatitis, ecthyma contagiosum, thistle disease and scabby mouth.

  5. Molluscum contagiosum virus - Wikipedia › wiki › Molluscum_contagiosum_virus

    18 hours ago · Molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV) is a DNA poxvirus that causes the human skin infection molluscum contagiosum. Molluscum contagiosum affects about 200,000 people a year, about 1% of all diagnosed skin diseases.

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