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  1. Caso Roswell - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    5 days ago · El caso Roswell, [1] [2] también llamado incidente OVNI de Roswell, del inglés (Roswell UFO incident) [3] fue un hecho ocurrido el 2 de julio de 1947, cuando un objeto desconocido se estrelló en un rancho cerca de Roswell (Nuevo México). [4]

    • Roswell UFO incident
    • UFO crash
  2. List of reported UFO sightings - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · The UFO sighting that sparked the name flying saucers. This sighting is considered as the start of the "Modern UFO era". 1947-06/07 1947 UFO sightings: mostly Washington: United States Several UFO sightings reported after the sighting of Kenneth Arnold. 1947-06 Roswell UFO crash: about 30 mi north of Roswell, New Mexico: United States

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  4. 1947 - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · 1947 Sylhet referendum: A referendum is held in Sylhet to decide its fate in the Partition of India. The first prototype AK-47 assault rifles are built to the design of Mikhail Kalashnikov. July 8 – Roswell UFO incident: A supposedly downed extraterrestrial spacecraft is reportedly found near Roswell, New Mexico.

  5. Pentagon Declassifies Documents Suggesting UFO Wreckage Was ...

    6 days ago · Relation to Roswell UFO Crash In 1947, “memory metal” was found in UFO debris uncovered at a site in Roswell, New Mexico. According to over 40 witnesses and several investigative articles archived in Bragalia’s blog, the Roswell metal-like material could “remember itself” when deformed or folded and immediately snap back into shape.

  6. Lonnie Zamora incident - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Location of Socorro in the Middle Rio Grande Basin, New Mexico. The Lonnie Zamora incident was an alleged UFO sighting that occurred on April 24, 1964 near Socorro, New Mexico when Socorro police officer Lonnie Zamora claimed he saw two people beside a shiny object that later rose into the air accompanied by a roaring flame.

  7. Pentagon says test findings on UFO wreckage could “change our ...

    Feb 19, 2021 · In Bragalia’s view, some of the debris being tested by the Pentagon may have come from the infamous Roswell incident of 1947, in which a UFO crashed in New Mexico. “The inclusion of advanced technical reports on Nitinol is curious,” he says.

  8. Alien Crash at Roswell eBook by Jesse Marcel - 9781934588864 ...

    4 days ago · In early July, 1947 Major Jesse Marcel, commander of the most technologically advanced bomb group in the world, discovered the crash site of a downed UFO in the New Mexico desert following a harrowing and record breaking storm.

  9. Roswell, New Mexico – Wikipedia,_New_Mexico

    6 days ago · Roswell är en stad i den amerikanska delstaten New Mexico med en yta på 77,5 km² och en befolkning som uppgår till c:a 48 000 invånare (2016). Cirka 2,5 procent av befolkningen i staden är afroamerikaner.

  10. Unknown lights hovering above Rosarito, Mexico 20-Feb-2021 ...

    6 days ago · Aurora, Texas – 1897 UFO incident; Roswell UFO Incident, 1947; Phoenix lights, 1997 & 2007; Nazi UFOs; Belgian UFO wave (1989/90) TR-3B – Triangle UFOs; Hessdalen Lights; Rendlesham Forest UFO incident – 1980; 2004 Mexican UFO incident; 1966 UFO incident at Westall High School, Australia; Battle of Los Angeles 1942; 1952 Washington D.C ...

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