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  1. Roswell UFO incident - Wikipedia › wiki › Roswell_UFO_incident

    4 days ago · The Roswell UFO incident in popular lore refers to the rumors and speculation regarding a July 1947 United States Army Air Forces balloon crash at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. [1] [2] Following local press interest in debris gathered from the crash site, and rumors that the debris came from a "flying disc", the US military stated that the ...

  2. Alien autopsy - Wikipedia › wiki › Alien_autopsy

    4 days ago · He presented it as an authentic autopsy on the body of an alien recovered from the 1947 crash of a "flying disc" near Roswell, New Mexico. The film footage was allegedly supplied to him by a retired military cameraman who wished to remain anonymous.

  3. Alien Autopsy (film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Alien_Autopsy_(film)

    Apr 16, 2021 · A former US Army cameraman, Harvey, sells them a silent black and white film of Elvis performing live, but later returns with an intriguing offer. Harvey takes Ray to Miami, Florida to see a film from 1947 showing the autopsy of an alien supposedly killed in a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Harvey wants to sell the film for $30,000.

  4. Unidentified flying object - Wikipedia › wiki › Unidentified_flying_object

    5 days ago · The Roswell UFO incident (1947) involved New Mexico civilians, local law enforcement officers, and the U.S. military, the latter of whom allegedly collected physical evidence from the UFO crash site. The Mantell UFO incident January 7, 1948; The Betty and Barney Hill abduction (1961) was the first reported abduction incident.

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  6. 1947 in the United States - Wikipedia › wiki › 1947_in_the_United_States

    5 days ago · June 24 – Kenneth Arnold makes the first widely reported UFO sighting near Mount Rainier, Washington. July–September [ edit ] July 7 – A supposedly downed extraterrestrial spacecraft is reportedly found in the Roswell UFO incident , near Roswell, New Mexico , which has been written about by Stanton T. Friedman and many others.

  7. Roswell (TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Roswell_(TV_series)

    4 days ago · Roswell is an American science fiction television series developed, produced, and co-written by Jason Katims. The series debuted on October 6, 1999, on The WB and moved to UPN for the third season. The final episode aired on May 14, 2002.

  8. CIA scientist believed alien autopsy footage was real › technology › in-other-news

    3 days ago · Any UFO enthusiast knows about the Roswell spaceship accident where an alien was given an autopsy. In 2001, a document surfaced that electrified UFO enthusiasts, who staunchly believe that the...

  9. Opinion | The footage of UFOs doesn’t mean what you think ... › opinion › opinion-the-footage-of

    Apr 16, 2021 · This whole situation is highly reminiscent of what happened with Project Mogul, or how most people may know it, the Roswell Incident. In 1947, a mysterious object crashed in a New Mexico desert and became one of the most famous UFO stories in all U.S. history.

  10. 共济会 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 › wiki › 美生會

    1947年莫里岛事件阴谋论 ( 英语 : Maury Island incident ) 美国政府掩盖罗斯威尔事件阴谋论; 1948年托马斯·曼特尔事件阴谋论; 1965年凯克斯伯格UFO事件阴谋论 ( 英语 : Kecksburg UFO incident ) 英国政府掩盖1980年蓝道申森林UFO事件阴谋论

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