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  1. Biscuit definition, a kind of bread in small, soft cakes, raised with baking powder or soda, or sometimes with yeast; scone. See more.

  2. Snackin'Cake was an all-in-one box kit, including an aluminum pan for baking the product. This product took cake mix convenience to the next level, because the cake was mixed in the pan and that pan could be discarded. No messy bowl or cake pan to clean.

  3. · pan - steel pan · pancart - wheelbarrow · parro - a crack-head, someone so addicted to drugs · pasture - any patch of grass bigger than 3sq.ft. · pass-over - an apoplectic stroke · pelttin-waist - to dance · pelt - throw · peck - pick-axe · peggers - baby teeth · pickney - a child · pick-pick - the penis

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  5. Heat a cast-iron frying pan or griddle until a drop of water will sputter when dripped on it, or a little flour with brown instantly. Cook the roti for about 1 minute, turn, spread with ghee or vegetable oil and cook, turning frequently until the roti is baked. Remove from the pan and clap with both hands until pliable.

  6. is a platform for academics to share research papers.

  7. A loanword is said to have undergone a semantic shift if its meaning in Tagalog deviates from the original meaning of the word in the source language (in this case, Spanish). A type of semantic shift is the so-called semantic narrowing , which is a linguistic phenomenon in which the meaning of a Spanish-derived word acquires a less general or ...

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