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  1. List of kings of Babylon - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_kings_of_Babylon

    4 days ago · Other recent interpretations of Babylonian dynasties, as well as the version used in the ancient Babylonian King List A, are presented in the table below, with the first and last kings attributed to each dynasty. Babylonian King List A. Leick (2010) Van De Mieroop (2016) Beaulieu (2018) Chen (2020) palê Babili.

    • c. 1894 BC
    • Sumu-abum
  2. List of Supernatural characters - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Supernatural

    4 days ago · Rowena invents a cover story where Guthrie was plotting against Crowley which he believes because of his nightmare. Rowena is also able to use Guthrie's "betrayal" to cause Crowley to hesitate in handing over the First Blade to the Winchesters. Harrington. Harrington is a minor demon appearing in season 13 that is loyal to Asmodeus.

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  4. Elizabeth II - Wikipedia › wiki › Elizabeth_II

    4 days ago · Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor; born 21 April 1926) is Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth realms. Elizabeth was born in Mayfair, London, as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth ). Her father ascended the throne on the abdication of his brother King Edward ...

  5. Hogwarts - Wikipedia › wiki › Hogwarts_castle

    6 days ago · Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (/ ˈ h ɒ ɡ w ɔːr t s /) is a fictional British boarding school of magic for students aged eleven to eighteen, and is the primary setting for the first six books in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series and serves as a major setting in the Wizarding World universe.

  6. Edward I of England - Wikipedia › wiki › Edward_I_of_England

    3 days ago · Edward was born at the Palace of Westminster on the night of 17–18 June 1239, to King Henry III and Eleanor of Provence. Edward is an Anglo-Saxon name, and was not commonly given among the aristocracy of England after the Norman conquest, but Henry was devoted to the veneration of Edward the Confessor, and decided to name his firstborn son after the saint.

  7. List of monarchs of Laos - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_monarchs_of_Laos

    3 days ago · The Pra Bang is returned to Luang Pra Bang by King Chulalongkorn of Thailand having been brought to Bangkok during the destruction of Vientiane in 1828. Until 1865, Thai King Chantharath ruled Luang PraBang, and relinquished the power to Laos King Oun Kham. Transition occurred during/after the French Auguste Parvie visits.

  8. Family tree of French monarchs - Wikipedia › wiki › French_monarchs_family_tree

    5 days ago · King of the Franks 497–561 r.558–561: Ingund b.≈499: Guntheuc 495–≈532: Chlodomer King of Orléans ≈495–524: Childebert I King of Paris ≈496–558 r.511–558: Ultragotha 510 566/567: Theudebert I King of Rheims ≈500-547/548 r.534-547/548: Fredegund ≈545–597: Chilperic I King of Neustria ≈539–584 r.561–584: Audovera ...

  9. King James Version - Wikipedia › wiki › King_James_Version

    4 days ago · The King James Version (KJV), also known as the King James Bible (KJB), is an English translation of the Christian Bible for the Church of England, commissioned in 1604 and completed as well as published seven years later in 1611 under the sponsorship of James VI and I.

  10. 香港歌手列表 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 › wiki › 香港歌手列表

    5 days ago · 這是一個 動態列表 ,可能永遠無法保持完整性。歡迎您 補充遺失的內容 並附上 可靠的來源 。 本表列出 香港 歌手,以在香港出道的歌手為主,曾在香港發行唱片的非香港歌手亦可收入,記錄1960年代至今出道的歌手,為統一起見均會以首部歌曲或出道香港樂壇的最早年份為準。 本表不收錄於其他 ...

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