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  1. Royal Australian Navy Uniforms Commissioned Officer Warrant Officer and Senior Sailor Junior Sailor All Ranks Musician Maternity DPNU Commissioned Officer Ceremonial Uniform Summer ceremonial uniform with sword (S1 - Commissioned Officer) Summer ceremonial uniform with sword (S1 - Commissioned Officer)

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    In November 2008, disruptive pattern navy uniform (DPNU) was officially introduced in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). A practical rig, it is far removed from the more traditional naval uniform popularised throughout the late 19th and 20th centuries. Today customary ‘sailor suits’ are reserved chiefly for ceremonial occasions, however, on those occ...

    Australian naval dress descends directly from that worn by the Royal Navy (RN) in the late 19th century. When the Colonial Naval Defence Act 1865 was passed, which permitted the Australian colonies to raise their own naval forces, officers of the RN had been wearing a standardised form of uniform for over one hundred years. In the case of men, unif...

    On 1 March 1901, the Australian States transferred their naval forces and all persons ‘employed in their connexion’ to the Federal Government, creating the Commonwealth Naval Forces (CNF). There were no immediate changes to uniforms and for a period the CNF was a consolidated navy in name only, with each state continuing to wear their former coloni...

    The granting of the Royal title in 1911, coupled with the arrival of the Australian fleet unit in October 1913, removed any lingering concerns the Admiralty held concerning Australian naval men wearing RN uniform and in 1913 the RAN received approval to adopt the full range of uniforms, badges and insignia of the RN. The only differences that remai...

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  3. Nov 23, 2021 · The Royal Australian Navy's new Maritime Multi-Cam Pattern Uniform commenced rollout in October 2021. The new lightweight contemporary uniform is said to feature the latest technology, enhancing the safety and comfort of members wearing it. Naval News Staff 23 Nov 2021 Australian department of defence press release

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  5. Chaplains in the Royal Australian Navy are commissioned officers who complete the same training as other officers in the RAN at the Royal Australian Naval College, HMAS Creswell. From July 2020, Maritime Spiritual Wellbeing Officers (MSWOs) were introduced to the Navy Chaplaincy Branch, designed to give Navy people and their families with professional, non-religious pastoral care and spiritual support.

    • 15,285 Permanent personnel, 3,932 Reserve personnel, 43 vessels
    • Australia
  6. The uniforms of the Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, the Maritime Volunteer Service, the Sea Cadet Corps, the Navy branch of the Combined Cadet Force and the Volunteer Cadet Corps as well as modern uniforms of Trinity House, the Royal Australian Navy, the Royal New Zealand Navy and Royal Malaysian Navy are virtually identical to RN uniforms, with the exception of flashes at shoulder height and on rank slides.

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