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  1. 9 hours ago · Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti said the royals will want to make peace with the Duke of Sussex before the King is crowned on May 6. He said: "Whether or not that’s possible is one thing ...

  2. Synonyms of royal 1 a : of kingly ancestry the royal family b : of, relating to, or subject to the crown the royal estates c : being in the crown's service Royal Air Force 2 a : suitable for royalty : magnificent b : requiring no exertion : easy there is no royal road to logic Justus Buchler 3 a : of superior size, magnitude, or quality

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  4. Jan 27, 2023 · of. Buy images from this gallery. The St. Paul Winter Carnival named its 2023 royalty Friday night at the RiverCentre, choosing former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Leo E. Lewis to reign as King ...

  5. The Royal Family; Queen Elizabeth II; News; Residences, Art and History; Working for us; Contact Us; Privacy Policy; Media Centre; Social Media Community Guidelines; About this site; Cymraeg; Gàidhlig; Report a Vulnerability; The Royal Household © Crown Copyright

  6. Synonyms of royal royal adjective Definition of royal 1 as in regal fit for or worthy of a royal ruler the school superintendent received a royal welcome Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance regal aristocratic monarchical kingly princely monarchal imperial monarchic monarchial queenly magnificent baronial noble imposing majestic patrician monumental

  7. 5 hours ago · Royal Rumble 2023, one of the most entertaining events on the annual WWE calendar, kicks off today. The event promises to deliver on some of the wildest wrestling action of the year featuring ...

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