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    A silly game I made while waiting for Inazuma. 0 reviews. Guild Master: Langris. Production. by ...

    Meteo Chronicles Completed by KrimsonKatt ...
    0 reviews 723 downloads
    Doggo Impact Production by JustAShyDoge ...
    0 reviews
    Guild Master: Langris Production by ...
    0 reviews 0 downloads
    The Lonely League Production by calunio ...
    0 reviews
  2. Top games tagged RPG Maker - › games › tag-rpgmaker
    • Kiki & Ana - The Child. HorrorShopGames. Role Playing.
    • Project Kat. A small, unconventional horror rpg. Leef 6010. Role Playing.
    • Decaying Delicacy. Poor girl, sweet thing. Licked like a lollipop. This world's gonna' consume her. She's just too tasty for her own good. AestheticGamer.
    • Yummy Breakfast! A horror game about the most important meal of the day. Healy. Adventure.
  3. Take a short break from the stress of life among the cosmos. A Vacation In Nebula. Magic Quest. Created in RPG Maker 2000. Created by pianotm. Game for the 1.44 Floppy Disc Drive event. Magic Quest. Ultra Smug. Created in RPG Maker 2003.

  4. 10 Best RPG Maker Games Ever | TheGamer › rpg-maker-best-games-ever
    • Ritwik Mitra
    • LISA: The Painful. Before playing LISA: The Painful, one should be well aware of what this game is all about. While the game is certainly hilarious with its offbeat brand of dark humor, make no mistake — LISA: The Painful is one of the most depressing video games ever made.
    • To The Moon. It's close to impossible to talk about brilliant RPG Maker games without mentioning the emotional rollercoaster that is To The Moon. The game was instantly successful upon its release, and understandably so — To The Moon told one of the most beautiful and melancholic stories ever told in a video game.
    • Corpse Party. In modern times, Corpse Party has become one of the most popular titles in the horror game market, with its blend of visual novel design coupled with some truly gory horror being wholly familiar yet unique at the same time.
    • OneShot. Most developers are inclined towards making adventure and puzzle games on RPG Maker nowadays, as opposed to full-blown RPGs. OneShot is no exception to this rule, but what makes this title stand a cut above the rest is how brilliantly it executes most of its elements.
  5. 15 Best RPG Maker games as of 2021 - Slant › topics › 2282

    Apr 21, 2021 · Corpse Party is based off of an old release from 1998 that was created with RPG Maker. This port uses that design and as such has a lot of text and sound effects due to not being designed around flashy graphics. This means the text and sound effects are what creates the atmosphere of horror in the game, which makes the player use their imagination to fill in the blanks of what is happening.

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