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  1. Rupert I legnicki of Legnica, książę (1347 - 1409) - Genealogy

    May 03, 2020 · Rupert I of Legnica From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rupert I of Legnica (Polish: Ruprecht I Legnicki; b. 27 March 1347 - d. by 12 January 1409), was a Duke of Legnica since 1364 until his death, and also regent over half of the Duchy of Głogów-Żagań during 1397-1401.

  2. Duchy of Legnica - Wikipedia

    Even Bolesław's rule over Legnica was contested by his brother Władysław and in 1329 he had to pay homage to the Bohemian King John of Luxembourg to secure his reign. As the duchy's capital at the beginning of the 14th century, Legnica was an important city of Central Europe, with a population of approximately 16,000 residents.

  3. Wenceslaus I of Legnica - geni family tree

    May 23, 2018 · Wenceslaus I of Legnica (Polish: Wacław I legnicki; b. ca. 1318 - d. 2 June 1364), was a Duke of Namysłów since 1338 and of Legnica-Brieg since 1342 until his death, but with further divisions with his brother Louis I. He was the eldest son of Bolesław III the Generous, Duke of Legnica-Brieg by his first wife, Margaret of Bohemia.

    • Anna Cieszyńska Princess of Silesia-Teschen
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    Category:Rupert I, Duke of Legnica. ... Tutti i dati strutturati del file e del namespace proprietà sono disponibili con licenza Creative Commons CC0; ...

  5. Rupert, King of the Romans - Wikipedia

    Rupert was born at Amberg in the Upper Palatinate, the son of Elector Palatine Rupert II and Beatrice of Aragon, daughter of King Peter II of Sicily. Rupert's great-granduncle was the Wittelsbach emperor Louis IV. He was raised at the Dominican Liebenau monastery near Worms, where his widowed grandmother Irmengard of Oettingen lived as a nun.

  6. Population. As of 31 December 2009 () Legnica has 104,178 inhabitants and is the third largest city in the voivodeship (after Wrocław and Wałbrzych) and 38th in Poland.It also constitutes the southernmost and the largest urban center of Legnicko-Głogowski Okręg Miedziowy with agglomeration of 448.617 inhabitants.

  7. Duchy of Głogów - Wikipedia

    1397-1401: Rupert I of Legnica, regent for; 1397-1412: Jan I of Żagań, son of Henry VIII, jointly with his brothers 1397-1467: Henry IX the Older; 1397-1417: Wenceslaus of Krosno; 1397-1423: Henry X Rumpold; 1467-1476: Henry XI, son of Henry IX; Line extinct, whole duchy directly under the Crown of Bohemia 1476-1488 Jan II the Mad of Żagań

  8. duchy of glogow : définition de duchy of glogow et synonymes ...

    Konrad I, a child when his father died, claimed his rights too and in 1251 and received the northern Głogów territory from his elder brother Bolesław II the Bald, then Duke of Legnica.

  9. Famous Descendants of William the Conqueror of England ...

    General Info Edit. The list below shows descent from William the Conqueror (see Descendants of William I of England for another list). Many of the people have more than one path to William, but this is mostly just showing one (ideally the shortest path).

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