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  1. President of Russia

    Ruslan Edelgeriyev met with Minister President of Saxony Michael Kretschmer April 23, 2021, 18:00 Monument to fallen heroes of 1917–1922 Civil War unveiled in Sevastopol

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    The president of the Russian Federation (Russian: Президент Российской Федерации, tr. Prezident Rossiyskoy Federatsii), is the head of state of the Russian Federation, as well as the commander-in-chief of the Russian Armed Forces. It is the highest office in Russia.

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    In December 2015, Russian Federation President Putin admitted that Russian military intelligence officers were operating in Ukraine. According to academic Andrei Tsygankov, many members of the international community assumed that Putin's annexation of Crimea had initiated a completely new kind of Russian foreign policy.

    • 1975–1991
    • Independent (1991–95; 2001–08; 2012–present)
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    Mar 19, 2018 · Vladimir Putin served as president of Russia from 2000 to 2008 and was re-elected to the presidency in 2012. He previously served as Russia's prime minister. Who Is Vladimir Putin? In 1999, Russian...

  5. Apr 14, 2021 · Russian President Vladimir Putin says he has received his second COVID-19 vaccine shot, three weeks after getting the first dose By DARIA LITVINOVA Associated Press April 14, 2021, 6:15 AM • 2 min read

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    Apr 14, 2021 · MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday he got his second COVID-19 vaccine shot, three weeks after getting the first dose. The Russian leader announced getting the jab, which was kept out of the public eye, at a session of the Russian Geographical Society, in which he took part via video link.

  7. Russian President Vladimir Putin, After 20 Years of Rule › 2020/05/07 › how-putin-changed

    May 07, 2020 · On May 7, 2000, Vladimir Putin was sworn in as president of Russia. It was the first of four inaugurations—and counting. Four months earlier, Boris Yeltsin unexpectedly stepped down, elevating the...

    • Yevgenia Albats
  8. Russian President Vladimir Putin may step down in Jan 2021 ... › world-news › europe

    Nov 06, 2020 · In a massive announcement, Russian President Vladimir Putin is allegedly planning to step down next year as he may have Parkinson’s disease, claimed a report by The Sun. The UK-based news agency claimed that the 68-year-old Putin has allegedly been showing tell-tale symptoms of the disease in recent public appearances.

    • Suchitra Karthikeyan
  9. When a Russian President Ended Up Drunk and ... - HISTORY › news › bill-clinton-boris-yeltsin

    Apr 03, 2018 · Russian President Boris Yeltsin finishing his glass of vodka next to President Bill Clinton in 1995 as Russia celebrated the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. (Credit: Gerard...

    • Becky Little
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