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  1. 1 of 19. ryan adams - lucky now transcribed by mark sickmiller, 8/25/11 capo 3 C F C G C C F C i don't remember were we wild and young C G C all that's faded into memory C F C i feel like somebody i don't know C G C are we really who we used to be C G C am i really who i was F Am the lights will draw you in F C G and the dark will take you down ...

  2. firecrackerêêêê ryan adamsêêêêê êheartbreaker capo 3rd fret matt noldy intro: once through verse progression [g] black bird slow and softly, [c] breaks a [d] glass of wine [g] [c] [g] [c] [g] broken bluesy whispers, [c] sing to [d] me tonight [g] [c] [g] well [em] everybody wants to go [c] forever [g] [em] i just wanna burn up [c] …

  3. Ryan Adams – Avenues Lyrics No, the cabs here, they can't run down to your house Sometimes i'll sit and wish I were somewhere else So let's dim the daylights for us sweethearts that we are Sometimes I find myself still lying in your arms All the sweethearts of the world Are out dancing in the places Where me and all my friends go to hide our faces

  4. Download Ryan Adams Nuclear sheet music and printable PDF music notes. Learn Rock score for Guitar Chords/Lyrics by Ryan Adams in minutes. SKU 48202.

  5. Wonderwall by Ryan Adams (Lyrics) Request Chords. 4:39. Ryan Adams "Gimme Something Good" Chords: B. Bm. G. A. F#m. D. E. ... Upload & analyse complex chords easily ...

  6. Shiver and Shake Ryan Adams Chords and Lyrics for Guitar Shiver and Shake Ryan Adams Intro B - C#m - A - E Verse 1 Midn B ight coming, I C#m can feel it in the air A E I he B ar your voice, run C#m your fingers through my hair A E I re B ach out for your hand but C#m I know it isn't there AE I pi B ck up my phone and I sh C#m iver and I stare A A

  7. To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High) Ryan Adams G Young boy done me bad C when he did you G wrong G Young boy done me bad I C went and did you G wrong And I got C7 high Lord I got G high I got a D bone to pick with you And I'm C sure you know its true Em Oh one G day when C you're looking G back Em You were G young, and C man you were G sad

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