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      • Most Regions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) encourage a three-month Sabbatical/Renewal Leave after five years of ministry. Regardless of the duration, it is vital the leave be taken as a continuous, uninterrupted block of time.
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  2. During the sabbatical the person wouldn’t simply do nothing. Certainly there would be time set aside to be still and rest, but in general the time spent away from church would be filled serving others in places like a soup kitchen, after school tutoring, short term missions, or some other outreach opportunity.

  3. The law of the sabbatical year was habitually broken by the Jews for a long period before the Babylonian exile. The 70 years of exile and the land’s desolation were regarded as making up for the unobserved Sabbaths of the land ( 2 Chr. 36:21 ).

  4. Aug 20, 2014 · After completing seven years of full-time service at the church, a pastor who is in good standing with the congregation will submit a proposal to the Senior Pastor for sabbatical leave. A successful sabbatical proposal will include a detailed outline of how they will accomplish the following three items during their time away: (1) a vacation experience for the pastor’s family (2) three sessions of counseling for the pastor with a licensed Christian counselor and (3) some kind of learning ...

  5. Dec 18, 2019 · Church boards address this reality by providing sabbatical leave for clergy. This sanctioned time of rest is intended to provide a break from church responsibilities with a focus on refreshing, recharging, and continuing education. An extended break from ministry allows pastors to refocus and recharge their passion and call to lead the congregation.

  6. Jun 10, 2012 · There is no doubt that Sabbath is Biblical. God rested on the seventh day and He commands us to keep the Sabbath in the Ten Commandments. I don’t believe this is just an Old Testament command either (like any of the ten commandments). However, I don’t believe the Church needs to keep the Sabbath in the exact same way as the Jews were told.

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