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      • Sabbatical Leave is defined as a form of paid leave during which clergy are free of ministerial duties in order to undertake study, a retreat and personal development. The Diocesan Bishop must be satisfied that such leave will be of benefit to the cleric and his/her ministry and therefore to the wider Church.
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  2. Sabbatical Year As was the seventh day in every week and the seventh month in every year, so also was every seventh year consecrated to the Lord. The land, inasmuch as it was the Lord’s, was to keep a Sabbath unto Him ( Lev. 25:2–7 ).

  3. Aug 20, 2014 · After completing seven years of full-time service at the church, a pastor who is in good standing with the congregation will submit a proposal to the Senior Pastor for sabbatical leave. A successful sabbatical proposal will include a detailed outline of how they will accomplish the following three items during their time away: (1) a vacation experience for the pastor’s family (2) three sessions of counseling for the pastor with a licensed Christian counselor and (3) some kind of learning ...

  4. Sabbatical Year. See also Sabbath; BD Sabbatical Year. six years he shall serve: and in the seventh he shall go out free, Ex. 21:2 ( Jer. 34:14 ). seventh year thou shalt let it rest, Ex. 23:11. shall the land keep a sabbath, Lev. 25:2. What shall we eat the seventh year, Lev. 25:20. keep my sabbaths, Lev. 26:2.

  5. Share. Sabbatical Leave —A sabbatical leave should be allowed for a program of study or travel approved by the conference Board of Ordained Ministry. Associate members or clergy members in full connection who have been serving in a full-time appointment for six consecutive years, or in a less than full-time appointment equivalent to six consecutive full-time years, from the time of their reception into full or associate membership may be granted a sabbatical leave for up to one year.

  6. Nov 10, 2017 · Churches should consider Sabbatical policy as part of a pastor’s benefit package. In retrospect, a 30 to 60-day paid Sabbatical leave after five years of fulltime ministry is sensible policy.

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