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  1. Saddleback Leather offers durable and long-lasting leather backpacks, briefcases, wallets, duffle bags and more. Learn about the Saddleback story, sign up for the newsletter and shop online.

    • No Breakable Parts in Our Leather Backpack
    • Full Grain Leather
    • Reinforced Stress Points
    • Tougher Lining
    • Overkill Backpack Hardware
    • Engineered Thread
    • Only Large Pieces of Full Grain Leather
    • Stitching
    • Cheap Leather Backpacks
    • A Nylon Backpack Or A Classic Leather Backpack
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    This leather backpack has no breakable parts like snaps, zippers, buttons,velcro, or any other Hello Kitty construction parts. Just hard buckles andD-rings. Even a billion dollar submarine quickly becomes a worthless heap ofjunk at the bottom of the ocean if they build it with a cardboard hatch.

    Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a cow being killed. Now imagine itbeing skinned. Okay, now imagine that thick hide is sent to the tannery to betanned, but it's too thick for most to use, so they split it in half, the tophalf from the bottom. Watch our video of how they tan and split leather, and also watch me ride a longhorn bull in my ful...

    Anywhere the leather backpack could get stressed, it gets a double layer ofleather cut from the hardest part of the hide (the shoulder or along theback). There is also extra stitching, a rivet to back up the backpack'sstitching, and usually, a reinforcing hidden Polyester strap sewn in for goodmeasure. Even the best leather stretches over time (it'...

    Instead of lining our leather backpacks with some shiny pretty nylon fabricthat tears, we glued and then sewed on tough, smooth pigskin to the back ofthe already tough and thick full grain leather. Pigskin is not as tough askangaroo skin, but it is stronger than cow skin. That makes our leatherbackpacks twice as strong as a normal leather backpack ...

    This is a BIG DEAL. It's akin to shooting a fly with a shotgun when you builda leather backpack with 316 Stainless Steel hardware, but we've never had aproblem because the hardware has failed. It's not even Stainless 404 or 310.It's Stainless 316, which is an enormous difference for any backpack.Seriously, look it up. If you tell a metallurgist tha...

    Low-quality nylon thread used in leather backpacks will deteriorate rapidlydue to how such threads are constructed. Because the thread is made up of manyvery short fibers wound together to form one long thread, it breaks aparteasily with friction, heat, or UV light. Things a backpack should be able toendure. Our top-quality German thread was develo...

    HUGE KEY TO DURABILITY: These leather backpacks are designed with as fewpieces of leather as possible. Usually, only two pieces for the body. This hastaken a lot of thinking and failed attempts to get the backpacks to look andfeel just right, but it was worth it. The reason is because seams are wherebackpacks always start falling apart. So we desig...

    SURPRISINGLY IMPORTANT: A sewing machine is really just a big perforationmachine, and each hole is the beginning of a tear. We set our beastlyindustrial Dutch and German sewing machines to stitch the backpacks at onlyfive stitches per inch so we could get the needle holes as far apart from eachother as we can without the backpacks looking dumb. If ...

    Grain is to leather what shingles are to a roof. Imagine you paid someone tore-roof your house. So they tore off the old shingles and then painted onshingles to make it look nice. Some might kick them in the ear. That's whathappens when low quality backpack manufacturers buy that super low pricedbottom half of the hide that doesn't have any grain o...

    Sure, when you were a kid, a GI Joe nylon backpack or a Barbie nylon backpackwas perfect for your toys and notebooks. And it was super cheap, which is whatyour parents were looking for, and at the time, you thought they were coolbackpacks. But now that you're an adult (or at least mostly an adult), youwant something a little more refined, timeless,...

    Saddleback Leather offers durable and long lasting leather backpacks made of full grain leather, stainless steel hardware, and pigskin lining. Learn about the design and materials that make these backpacks maybe the longest lasting and most durable in the world.

  2. Buy Saddleback Leather Co. Classic Leather Briefcase The Original Full Grain Leather Briefcase For Men Includes 100 Year Warranty (Doctors Bag, Tobacco) and other Briefcases at Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns.

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  3. Apr 17, 2014 · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Saddleback Leather Co. Classic Leather Briefcase The Original Full Grain Leather Briefcase For Men Includes 100 Year Warranty at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

  4. 23 results for"saddleback leather" Results Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Saddle & Hide Co.

  5. They'll Fight over it when you're dead. Our leather backpacks, briefcases, wallets and belts are built to last 100 years.

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  7. Jun 15, 2017 · Saddleback Leather offers tough and durable bags made of leather and waxed canvas for adventurous travelers. Read the review of two bags: a waxed canvas backpack and a leather front pocket pouch, and see their features, pros and cons.

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