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  1. Saifi Village is an example of a New Urbanist-style neighbourhood with cobblestone streets, apartment buildings, town houses, and shops. The shops range from a combination of designer shops to car dealerships such as Ferrari.

  2. Saifi Village Edit. This saifi village page is a little short on information. some of the things i had to add had to do with the architectural firm responsible for renovating saifi village. it was on the former green line before the war, but the greenery in it was completely destroyed.

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    • Background
    • Saleh and Massoud's Announcements
    • Disposition of Forces
    • Timeline
    • Foreign Involvement
    • Analysis
    • See Also
    • References

    Historically, the Panjshir Valley was known for its natural defences. Surrounded by the Hindu Kush mountains, Panjshir never fell to the Soviets during the invasion of the 1980s nor to the Taliban during the civil war of the early 1990s. In the war of 1996–2001, Panjshir was a center of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance. In these conflicts, Panjshir was under the leadership of Ahmad Shah Massoud who was killed by a suicide bomber in 2001. Soon after, the United States invasion of Afghanistan resulted in the overthrow of the previously dominant, Taliban-led Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the eventual establishment of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.Massoud and his family remained highly respected in Panjshir in the next two decades. The traditional anti-Taliban sentiment of the Panjshiris has an ethnic dimension: A majority of the population of the Panjshir Valley are ethnic Tajik people, while the majority of the Taliban are Pashtuns. However, these ethnic differences becam...

    On 17 August 2021, Saleh—citing provisions of the Constitution of Afghanistan—declared himself President of Afghanistan from the Panjshir Valley, and vowed to continue military operations against the Taliban from there. His claim to the presidency was endorsed by Ahmad Massoud and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Minister of Defence Bismillah Khan Mohammadi along with the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Dushanbe. On 23 August 2021, Massoud made contact with unnamed Americanlawmakers.

    Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and anti-Taliban militias

    Prior to the fall of Kabul, Panjshiris began moving military equipment from surrounding areas, including helicopters and armored vehicles, into Panjshir Province. There, they were joined by Afghan National Army commanders and soldiers, including commandos, ex-Mujahideen who had previously served Ahmad Massoud's late father, Ahmad Shah Massoud, and other anti-Taliban activists. Most of them regrouped at Baghlan Province's Andarab District before moving to Panjshir after making their escape fro...

    Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

    An estimate by the Combating Terrorism Center at the US Military Academy made prior to the fall of Kabul estimated the strength of the Taliban, throughout the whole of Afghanistan, at 60,000 armed cadre supported by up to 200,000 irregulars. Due to the rapid capitulation of the Afghan National Army, the Taliban have since acquired substantial materiel of US manufacture, including armored vehicles and combat aircraft.The Taliban remain a movement consisting of many different sub-groups whose a...

    Emergence of Panjshir resistance and first anti-Taliban revolts

    Around 17 August 2021, remnants of the Afghan National Army began massing in the Panjshir Valley at the urging of Massoud, along with local civilians who had responded to his mobilization calls. At the time, the Panjshir Valley was—according to one observer—"under siege on all sides" but had not come under direct attack. On 18 August, the number of admissions for war injuries was increasing at the Emergency Surgical Centre for War Victims in Anaba in Panjshir.By 22 August, Ahmad Massoud's for...

    Ceasefire and sporadic clashes

    On 26 August 2021, a ceasefire was declared with the Taliban and the resistance entering into talks. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that he was "80 percent confident of a solution without war in the Panjshir Valley". On 29 August, Panjshir representatives stated that there were no Taliban fighters trying to enter Panjshir, refuting information from Anaamullah Samangani, who is a member of the Taliban's Cultural Commission.On 1 September, it was reported that ceasefire talks failed....

    Taliban offensive and revolts in central Afghanistan

    On 31 August 2021, Taliban fighters commenced an offensive against the National Resistance Front in the provinces of Baghlan, Panjshir, and Parwan. Anti-Taliban sources claimed that the offensive involved al-Qaeda troops, a statement backed by videos in which pro-Taliban fighters were heard speaking non-native or locally uncommon languages such as Arabic. Sources reported that the offensive started when Taliban fighters were spotted entering Gulbahar and blocked the main road with a container...


    As of 23 August 2021, there was no public support for the resistance from the international community. At the start of the conflict, the US and other potential allies were focused on the concurrent Kabul airlift, which required the Taliban's cooperation. Massoud's op-ed in The Washington Postrequesting Western support may be evidence of a lack of enthusiasm (for the resistance) in the US government. On 21 August, former Indian Chief of the Army Staff Shankar Roychowdhury said that the Governm...


    On 25 August 2021, Bilal Y. Saab, an ex-Pentagon senior advisor, and Mick Mulroy, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East, Marine veteran and ex-CIA Special Activities Center operator, argued in a Time editorial that Washington, D.C. should provide support in Afghanistan by allowing the CIA to station its officers with counterterrorism responsibilities to secretly assist anti-Taliban resistance groups. U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham and Michael Waltzadvocate for giving...


    According to an India Today report, the former Samangan MP Zia Arianjad said on 6 September that defending resistance forces had been bombed by drones of the Pakistan Air Force using smart bombs and claimed that Pakistan's special forces assisted the Taliban in attacking the resistance. The Week cited defence analyst Babak Taghvaee and Panjshir governor Kamaluddin Nezami stating that drones had attacked the NRF, with Taghvaee attributing responsibility to the Pakistani Air Force. These claims...

    Journalists Carlotta Gall and Adam Nossiter wrote in The New York Times that the international community would be in a bind if they showed some form of support for the resistance because of the airlift operations. Abdul Matin Beyk suggested that other anti-Taliban forces are waiting to see if the Panjshir-based fighters will either resist to the end or keep considering negotiations from Taliban representatives.He suggests that their successes can inspire others to do the same. Analysts Bill Roggioand Andrew Tobin speculated that the eventual success of the Taliban offensive against the Panjshir Valley might have been related to the previous attempts of the NRF to expand into neighboring districts. Accordingly, the NRF would have been overextended and had not prepared its defenses well enough.

    Works cited

    1. Zenn, Jacob (5 November 2021). "Briefs" (PDF). Terrorism Monitor. Jamestown Foundation. 19(21): 1–3.

    • 17 August 2021 – present, (2 months, 3 weeks and 5 days)
    • Ongoing
  4. The Muslim Saifi, or sometimes pronounced Badhai are Muslim community, found in North India. They are also known as Saifi which denotes the Muslim sub-caste of blacksmiths and carpenters. A small number are also found in the Terai region of Nepal. The community is also sometimes referred to as Multani. Mohammad Uvais saifi Gawan

  5. The main square of Saifi Village in Centre Ville, Beirut, Lebanon In urban planning and design , an urban village is an urban development typically characterized by medium-density housing , mixed use zoning, good public transit and an emphasis on pedestrianization and public space .

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