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    Wenceslaus I (Czech: Václav [ˈvaːtslaf] (listen); c. 911 – September 28, 935), Wenceslas I or Václav the Good was the duke (kníže) of Bohemia from 921 until his assassination in 935. His younger brother, Boleslaus the Cruel, was complicit in the murder.

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    Wencelsas (also known as Wenceslaus, Vaclav, Vaceslav, and, in German, Wenzel) was a descendant of the Premsyl family that rose to power in Bohemia. This part of Europe lies in the western area of the present-day Czech Republic. Its contemporary borders are Austria, Poland, Germany, and on the east, what was the Czech kingdom of Moravia.

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    Born in present-day Prague, Wenceslas (also called Wenceslaus) was the duke of Bohemia in the 10 th century CE. Although his mother deeply held pagan views, the Bohemian ruler remained resolute in defending Christian values and belief. Wenceslas is believed to have set up a number of churches and charitable centers all across Bohemia.

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    Wencelaus took over as Duke of Bohemia. He allowed his mother to return to Prague in 925 after three years in exile. Wencelaus divided the country with his younger brother, Boleslaus, in order to avoid disputes. He brought in German priests and favored the Latin rites over the Old Slavic version.

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    His popularity grew in Prague, Bohemia when, in 925 A.D., king Henry I of Germany presented as a gift the bones of one hand of St. Vitus to Wenceslaus, Duke of Bohemia. Vitus - Wikipedia Perhaps the most outstanding place in the cathedral is the Chapel of St. Wenceslas, which houses relics of the saint.

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    Wenceslaus was born in 907 near Prague, son of the Duke of Bohemia. His saintly grandmother, Ludmilla, raised him and sought to promote him as ruler of Bohemia in place of his mother, who favored the anti-Christian factions. Ludmilla was eventually murdered, but rival Christian forces enabled Wenceslaus to assume leadership of the government.

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    Today’s saint, Wenceslaus, Duke of Bohemia, was felled in a fateful encounter with his brother Boleslaus the Cruel. Wenceslaus was already famous when he died so young and so dramatically. All the ingredients needed to guarantee a lasting legacy were present, and his memory did last.

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    Wenceslaus I became the duke of Bohemia in 921. Renowned for his piety, he founded many churches in Prague, including a rotunda consecrated to St. Vitus at Prague Castle, which exists as present-day St. Vitus Cathedral. Wenceslaus, probably by Peter Parler, in St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

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    Wenceslaus was born in 907 into a turbulent time and place. The eldest son of Duke Vratislaus I of Bohemia, Bohemia was a country that was only beginning to convert to Christianity and was riven by conflicts between pagans and Christians, Germans and Czechs.

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