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    Wenceslas Square is the name of a story written by Arthur Phillips, which takes place in Czechoslovakia at the end of the Cold War. The story was published in the compendium Wild East: Stories from the Last Frontier , [7] and featured in episode 337 [8] of the radio show This American Life .

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    In 1289–1292 the Přemyslid King of Bohemia, Wenceslaus II, became Duke of Silesia, then also King of Poland. After the death of Wenceslaus III , king of Bohemia and Poland, the right to the Polish crown was disputed, being claimed by various Piast dukes as well as the successors of Wenceslaus III on the Bohemian throne.

  3. St. Wenceslaus Novena - St. Wenceslaus was a duke of Bohemia who lived in the 900s. He was murdered by political and religious opponents. St. Zita Novena - St. Zita was an Italian saint who lived in the 1200s. She is well-known for her patronage of maids and domestic servants.

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