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  1. Dec 7, 2021 · Salamanders are amphibians that look like a cross between a frog and a lizard. Their bodies are long and slender; their skin is moist and usually smooth; and they have long tails. Salamanders are...

  2. Salamanders are a type of amphibians. They look like lizards and they live in moist habitats or near water. They live in moist woodlands, marshes, grasslands, and other habitats under leaves and rocks. Salamanders come in different colors such as black, yellow, and green. They have 4 legs and a thick long tail.

  3. 1. : a mythical animal having the power to endure fire without harm. 2. : an elemental being in the theory of Paracelsus inhabiting fire. 3. : any of numerous amphibians (order Caudata) superficially resembling lizards but scaleless and covered with a soft moist skin and breathing by gills in the larval stage. 4.

  4. Jan 21, 2021 · Salamanders are amphibians that look roughly like lizards with their legs and tails but with the addition of blunt, frog-like mouths. There are at least 656 salamander species, with 475 near ...

  5. Jul 5, 2022 · Salamander is the common name for this amphibian while Caudata is its scientific name. Salamanders belong to the Salamandroidea family and belong to the class of Amphibia. Salamanders have several other names including mud puppy, water dog, triton and spring lizard. The word salamander comes from the Greek word Salamandra meaning fire lizard.

  6. May 24, 2022 · In captivity, the salamanders live an average of 5 to 6 years, but some have lived for up to 17 years, according to the University of Liverpool's The Animal Ageing and Longevity Database.

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