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    Victoria II has received two main expansion packs, as well as numerous other smaller additions. It was released before Paradox's current DLC plan was used, so differs from games such as Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II in regards to this.

    • August 13, 2010, Microsoft Windows, WW: August 13, 2010, Mac OS X, WW: September 17, 2010
    • Clausewitz Engine
  2. Statue of Queen Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia) - Wikipedia

    The statue of Queen Victoria is a bronze sculpture depicting Queen Victoria by British artist Albert Bruce-Joy, installed outside the British Columbia Parliament Buildings, in Victoria, British Columbia. The 4-metre (13 ft) statue was commissioned by Richard McBride in 1912, and competed in 1914. World War I delayed the sculpture's unveiling ...

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    Encyclopaedia Metallum . Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in 1280 x 960 resolution ... Victoria. Country of origin: Spain Location: Lugo de Llanera, Asturias ...

  5. Victorian era | History, Society, & Culture | Britannica

    Victorian era, the period between about 1820 and 1914, corresponding roughly to the period of Queen Victoria’s reign (1837–1901) and characterized by a class-based society, a growing number of people able to vote, a growing state and economy, and Britain’s status as the most powerful empire in the world.

  6. Victorias - Wikipedia

    Puyde ka bumulig hit Wikipedia pinaagi hiton pagdugang hin detalye hini Ini nga pakli kataposan nga ginliwat dida han 19:15, 29 Oktubre 2014. An teksto in ...

  7. Confederate States of America - Victoria 2 Wiki
    • The Prologue
    • The War Has Begun
    • After The Civil War

    The United States of Americastarts out as quite a powerful nation and one of the few Democracies in the world of 1836. You start out with one army of 12000 Yankee soldiers, one army of 12000 Dixie soldiers, one Army of 6000 Yankee Dragoons and 3000 Dixie dragoons, and another army of 9000 Yankee soldiers. It's important to know, that all the soldiers that come from soldier pops which are from CSA cores, will join the CSA when the war starts. It doesn't matter wheter they are dixie or yankee. As getting Soldier POPs for raising Southern soldiers takes its time, you should try to delay the American Civil War for as long as possible. To do this, you should use any possible decision and event to keep Consciousness low since high average Consciousness raises the odds of the Civil War breaking out.

    After a while, the "A house divided" event will pop up, starting the ACW. Choose to side with the CSA. Now things are going to get serious... Whether you are fighting a Civil Peace or the Civil War you should try to ally with the United Kingdom or Mexico(or even Canadaif it's been released). The UK is ideal as it forces the Americans to fight a two-front war and will deter them from invading later in the game or Confederate States of America has three decisions both which help in the war effort: King Cotton, The Bonnie Blue Flag! and Kelly's Irish Brigade. One should aim at stockpiling 500 cotton and use the King Cotton decision to give the Great powers a casus belli against the USA.Kelly's Irish Brigade is however more taxing on CSA as it converts farmers into soldiers, which have negative long term effects. It should only be used as a last ditch effort. The Bonnie Blue Flag!can be taken immediately, and have only positive effects, so that should be taken as soon as the war starts....

    Once the Confederacy is solidified on the map it has several options: 1. Attack the USA again, this would require you to either add war goals in the ACW or to start a new war in the years after. 2. King of the Caribbean, you can easily invade a small island like Haiti or with some time even a European nation like Denmark or the Netherlandsfor their Caribbean colonies. 3. African colonizer, if you want to do this you should have already researched nationalism and imperialism and should be in a position to research Machine guns. You can easily invade a country like Morocco, Zulu or Omani Zanzibar and colonize from there after 1870 when Machine Guns has been researched. Annexing Sokotois also a possibility. Overall the Confederate States of America can go in just about any direction that you choose to take them. If you win the initial war, you should not let your guard down, as the Union will attack you as soon as the truce is over, provided CSA does not have a strong enough army.

  8. Prussia - Victoria 2 Wiki - Paradox Wikis
    • Unique Decisions and Events
    • Economy
    • Technology
    • Diplomacy
    • The North German Federation
    • Forming Germany
    • Greater Germany: Absorbing Austria
    • Mid Game Strategy
    • 1871 - 1900: Colonial Era

    Prussia has a long list of unique events and decisions, which will be a great help. Among them are some of the best national decisions in the game.


    Brandenburg, Schlesien, and Nordrhein are the most populous Prussian regions, and also are predominantly North German cultured with high literacy. Therefore, they are the ideal places to build factories if you place the Reactionary party in charge for State Capitalism. Ideally, you should have factories manufacturing goods using raw materials produced in-country, so that your beginning industry is not reliant on imports, which can be cut off if the exporting nation builds up their industry su...

    Budget & Taxation

    At first, you can tax the poor at 100% and the middle class as much as necessary to keep the budget green. The upper class should not be taxed to enable them to build up capital to build factories and railways for you. Eventually, when your armies and clergy start straining your budget and you start running into budget issues, you will want to research some Financial Institutions technology to increase your tax efficiency. You will also want to prioritize researching some Iron Railroads, Orga...

    Your technological priorities will vary depending on whether you want to play peacefully with a heavily industrialized nation or whether you want to militarily expand. This guide will assume that military expansion is the priority. 1. Culture tech. You will want to prioritize the Cultural techs first to increase research points (Philosophy), educational efficiency through Biologism(Social Thought), and a few more national focuses (Political Thought) to focus originally on clergy and then on clerks. You research these first so all the other techs will research faster. 2. Army tech- in approximately this order: (Army Leadership) tends to be most important, for less casualties, more morale, and faster troop movement. (Military Science) is great for army organization, so they last longer in combat - it's especially useful for gas attacks and defense. (Light Armament) provides small benefits to army Attack for the first half of the tree - especially useful if you rely heavily on mobilize...

    Accept alliances with the minor Germanic states - it will improve your relations and therefore make it easier to keep them in your sphere should you be delayed in forming the North German Confederation and Germany. In forming Germany, you will be going to war against Austria and France. An alliance with Russia or United Kingdomis ideal, in an effort to make them happy with their alliance count and not seek an alliance with France - such an alliance would ensure that you'd be facing a two-front war when you attack France. Russia's military tech is weak, so it would still be doable, but much more of a nuisance. Prussia starts with a core on Switzerlands province Neuchâtel, and Prussia will lose that core as soon as Switzerland has invented Romanticism and taken the decision The Republic of Neuchâtel. Therefore one will have to move fast, and almost attack immidiately to regain this core Neuchâtel is however placed isolated squished between West Switzerland (which cannot be annexed in...

    The first step for Prussia will likely be the formation of the North German Federation. It increases your population base for your military, your number of regions for your factory construction, and decreases the number of minors you need to spend diplomatic points influencing in order to keep yourself from losing any power.Formation of the Federation requires that Prussia own or sphere all German Empire cores; the decision will incorporate them as well as all North German culture provinces. To do this it must maintain its current spherelings and also get the following nations into its Sphere of Influence: 1. Holstein(Neutral to all) 2. Saxony(Cordial, in Austria's sphere) 3. Hannover(Cordial, in Britain's sphere. Breaks from Britain's Sphere when Victoria ascends the throne around 1840) Luxembourgadditionally starts Cordial to both Prussia and France and can easily be sphered. Although they do not have a German Empire core, they will still be incorporated because they have majority...

    In order to form Germany proper, it is necessary to take Alsace-Lorraine from France (you have a War of Unification casus belli automatically). It is also necessary to have in your sphere the South Germanic nations (Baden, Bavaria, Württemberg) that Austria has sphered (if you declared an Admit Hegemony war on Austria for Saxony, you will already have those, unless you lose them subsequently to a competitor). With just those, and being the North German Federation, you can form Germany.

    If you have Austria in your Sphere of Influence, and you press the Form Germany decision, the entire Austria will be united with you in Greater Germany, although its land won't get your cores. This is entirely optional. Knocking Austria from Great Power status in order to sphere them requires some maneuvering, however. This Wiki recommends to attack Austria with a Humiliate CB, siege it completely, and wait for it to lose its GP status because of the loss of manufacturing and military scores. Note that if Austria allied another GP and they are aiding them, the player needs to peace out that GP first in order to make Austria lose its GP status. Then, the player should add the "Add to sphere" wargoal and sue for peace. Now, a Greater Germany can be formed containing all of the core German lands plus whatever land Austria had. This should be possible with any luck within the first 10 years of the game. Many people do not know that Germany can easily absorb Austria at any later time by...

    If you added Austria to your Greater Germany, you will notice that they have fairly low literacy in many regions. As mentioned earlier in this guide, getting Biologism quickly is a major priority to rectify that situation. The French will likely attack for Alsace-Lorraine. You will want fortson their border and possibly the borders of their Spherelings. The Russians are less likely to attack but will if you go over your infamy limit and they sense an opportunity to raise a second front. If you plan on going over the infamy limit, forts on their border are also advisable. You can take states from the French to weaken them, to lower the intensity of their attacks, but this can be infamy-intensive (releasing their colonies offers minimal benefits - their starting colonies and Madagascararen't particularly powerful). Russian states tend to be low literacy and expansion on that front will hurt your research, though it is certainly a possibility. If you wish to expand, states such as Kiev...

    Dumyat in Egypt will let you build the Suez Canal- good for traveling/expanding in Asia faster. Sphere Ethiopia and Oman(do Oman as early as possible, Portugallikes to take their African posessions) to protect them from other colonizers, and then remove them from sphere and annex them. Both can be gobbled up in one war, as they have less than 5 states. When fighting Egypt for Dumyat, annihilate them completely to encourage Ethiopia to attack and take Eritrea. You will thus get one free state for the same infamy. Taking Zulu, Danish Ghana and/or Bruneiand building naval bases in them will give you access to additional colonizable land. It is advisable to secure these beachheads before the Scramble for Africa starts. The Chinese region offers the best colonial states in the game, and an Eastern front to launch operations against British India while your mainland troops storm the Isles.

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    During World War II many children were evacuated from London and other urban areas because of German air raids. Some of these children, including one named Lucy (Lewis's goddaughter) stayed with him at his home The Kilns near Oxford, just as the Pevensies stayed with The Professor in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.[36]

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    The Vault Fallout Wiki!vault : Victoria 2 Wiki!vic2 : Vorteex Cloud Gaming!vortexcg :!vossey : Vampire: The Masquerade - Blooslines wiki!vtmb : Warframe Wiki (DE)!wfde : WARFRAME Wiki!wfen : WARFRAME Wiki!wfwiki : WARFRAME Wiki!wfw : WikiBound!wikibound : Wikirby!wikirby : Wikitroid!wikitroid : West of Loathing Wiki!wolw : Worms ...

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