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  2. Salzburg Cathedral ( German: Salzburger Dom) is the seventeenth-century Baroque cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Salzburg in the city of Salzburg, Austria, dedicated to Saint Rupert and Saint Vergilius. Saint Rupert founded the church in 774 on the remnants of a Roman town, and the cathedral was rebuilt in 1181 after a fire.

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    Salzburg Cathedral dominates the historical centre of the city with its prominent, two-towered facade and mighty structure. The baroque sites that surround it form a unique stage used for festivals and recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Today’s cathedral had two medieval predecessors, the remains of which can be viewed in the crypt. The first cathedral was consecrated by St Vergilius in 774. The building was expanded under Archbishop Hartwik (991-1023). Archbishop Konrad I (1106-1147) added two west towers. Best hotels in Salzburg near the cathedral In 1167, the cathedral, which was still primarily Carolingian, burned down. Archbishop Konrad III (1177-1183) then had a vast Romanesque basilica with five towers built that was 110m long and which was similar in appearance to the cathedrals in Mainz and Worms. After a fire, it too was demolished in 1598. The cornerstone of the existing baroque cathedral was laid in 1614. In 1628, the cathedral was consecrated by Archbishop P...

    2009 was “50 Years Re-Opening of the Salzburg Cathedral” after the bomb attack in the second world war. A reason for joy, being grateful and celebrating. October 16th 1944 the first bombs attacked Salzburg right into the center, many persons were killed and the dome of the Salzburg Cathedral was ruined. Archbishop Dr. Andreas Rohracher stood up immediately for the reconstruction. But it was a long and hard way to go. In May 1959 the Salzburg Cathedral was reopened in its full height and beauty. The entire Diocese, Land Salzburg, the Republic as well as the general public of Salzburg were involved in the quick reconstruction of the dome of Salzburg Cathedral. In 200, the anniversary year, new clear-up-operations were finished and the so called “Konrad Crypt” developed and be opened.

    The crypt has existed in its current form since the cathedral was reopened in 1959. Before that, there were vaults in today’s lower church which could only be accessed through the floor of the cathedral (like in the side chapels). The vaults served as burial grounds for Salzburg archbishops. A bomb during the Second World War, which caused the dome to collapse, destroyed these vaults and the entire floor under the dome. During clean-up efforts, numerous foundations and wall fragments of buildings that existed prior to the current baroque cathedral were found. It was decided to install a cement ceiling and thus create an accessible crypt. Best hotels in Salzburg near the cathedral The crypt’s central purpose was to be a place of burial for deceased Salzburg archbishops. Since 1619 – the year Prince Bishop Markus Sittikus of Hohenems, who had the cathedral built, died – virtually all deceased Salzburg (prince) archbishops have been buried in the crypt or in the previous vaults. The cr...

    CHAPEL OF THE CROSS ST CHUNIALD and ST GISLARCompanions of St Rupert, well-attested, authentic; only relics of St Gislar were found during a reburial in 1315. At the current location since 1914.
    CHAPEL OF TRANSFIGURATION ST VINCENTDeacon and martyr Vincent of Saragossa, patron saint of Portugal, came to Salzburg around 900 under Archbishop Dietmar of Salzburg, verified. Feast: 22/1
    ST ANNE’S CHAPEL ST CHRYSANTHUS and ST DARIAMartyr couple, 4th century, Archbishop Adalwin of Salzburg received these relics from Pope Nicholas I in honour of the bestowment of the pallium in Rome...
    BAPTISTERY ST GEREON and ST URSULA-COMPANIONSt Gereon: massacred with his soldiers in Cologne in 304 as commander of a cohort. In 1226, Archbishop Heinrich of Cologne gave Archbishop Eberhard II of...

    Admission for cathedral concerts Category A (dome) € 25,00 Category B (nave) € 20,00 Category C € 10,00 Discounts* (Nave) € 10,00 *Discounted tickets for pupils, apprentices, alternative civil service and students (up to 27 years of age with identification) valid for category B, nave. Children under 15 accompanied by their parents are free of charge in category B. Admission for organ concerts Improvised concerts € 20,00 Midday organ music € 5,00 Samstag, 20. Mai 2017, 6:30pm Mass of the Children Salzburger Domkapellknaben und –Mädchen Jugendkantorei am Dom, Jugendchor und Stiftschor Michaelbeuern Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017, 6:30pm W. A. MOZART: KRÖNUNGSMESSE KV 317 Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2017, 6:30pm W. A. MOZART: REQUIEM KV 626 Dienstag, 01. August 2017, 6:30pm W. A. MOZART: KRÖNUNGSMESSE KV 317 Freitag, 04. August 2017, 6:30pm W. A. MOZART: REQUIEM KV 626 Mittwoch, 09. August 2017, 6:30pm W. A. Mozart: KRÖNUNGSMESSE KV 317 Freitag, 11. August 2017, 6:30pm W. A. MOZART: REQUIEM KV 626 S...

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    The very first cathedral on the site dates back to 774. Built by Saint Virgil, an Irish priest with unusually modern views for his time (he believed that the earth was round, which resulted in a series of complaints to the Pope). Less than 70 years after its construction the cathedral experienced its first fire, caused by a lightning strike. In 1598, after the basilica had been expanded with two towers and a crypt, another blaze almost destroyed it. Prince-archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, a fan of modern Italian Baroque architecture, half-heartedly tried to restore it, but soon ordered it demolished — much to the anger of the inhabitants of Salzburg. Raitenau hired Italian artist Vincenzo Scamozzi to build an entirely new cathedral. The plans never saw the light of day though as the Prince-Archbishop was soon after overthrown and died behind bars. The new prince-archbishop Markus Sittikus von Hohenems hired Italian architect Santino Solari who altered Scamozzi’s plans. The new...

    Before you enter, have a close look at the Cathedral’s façade: The gates show the three divine virtues Faith, Love and Hope while the dates above them (774, 1628, 1959) are reminders of the three times the Cathedral was consecrated. You will also notice four huge statues in front of the main entrance: They represent the apostles Peter and Paul (with keys and sword) and the two patron saints Virgil (who built the very first cathedral) and Rupert, the patron saint of Salzburg. Inside one of the first things that will catch your eye is the baptismal font. Dating back to the early 1300s, this is where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptized on January 28, 1756, the day after his birth. Later he regularly played the “Hoforgel,” one of five organs in the Cathedral. You can still see it today, at the southeast side of the church. Legend has it, Joseph Mohr, the composer of “Silent Night,” was baptized at the same font as the composer. Now look up and marvel at the dome. At 232 feet (71 meters...

    Finding the Salzburg Cathedralis easy as it’s literally in the heart of the old town. Situated next to Residence Castle and the Monastery of St. Peter, it’s on Domplatz where the "Jedermann" (Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s most famous play) is staged every year during the Salzburg Festival (“Salzburger Festspiele”). The cathedral’s opening hours change depending on the month. January, February and November, it is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m Monday to Saturday and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. During March, April, October and December, it’s open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. In May and August, it’s open 8 a.m to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Entrance to the cathedral and crypt is still free though there are plans to start charging admission starting July 2019. When visiting, bear in mind that the crypt is closed during masses.

    The Salzburg Cathedralis part of the famous DomQuartier. So now that you are already there why not explore some more? The all-inclusive ticket costs 10–12 euros and gives you access to the Cathedral Museum (exhibiting art treasures from 1300 years of church history including the Cross of St. Rupert from the eighth century), the Prince-Archbishops’ private staterooms in the Residence Palace and the Museum of St Peter’s Abbey (gaze at historical artifacts and learn about the history of the oldest monastery in the German speaking world). After the cathedral and exhibitions, enjoy the historic center, go window shopping in Getreidegasse and treat yourself to some delicious “Mozart balls.”

  3. Salzburg's Cathedral is probably the city's most significant piece of church architecture and its ecclesiastical center. With its magnificent facade and mighty dome it represents the most impressive early Baroque edifice north of the Alps.Its origin is closely connected to the ecclesiastical principality's demeanour and growth.

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