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    Sam Katzman (July 7, 1901 – August 4, 1973) was an American film producer and director.Katzman produced low-budget genre films, including serials, which had disproportionately high returns for the studios and his financial backers.

    • July 7, 1901, New York City
    • 1933–1973
    • Film producer and director
    • August 4, 1973 (aged 72), Hollywood
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    • Early Life
    • Music Career
    • Family

    Abe was born Abram-Aba Katsman in 1868 in Chișinău (then known as Kishinev), Bessarabia Governorate, Russian Empire. His father was Chaim Katzman and his mother was named Sura Bayla (née Goldman). He was from a musical family; his brother Philip Katzman played in opera orchestras in Moscow and Chișinău. He later stated that he had studied violin in Russia under a Professor Gilla. Abe emigrated to New York Cityin October 1897.

    In his early years, he worked as a violin teacher and lived in Manhattan. By 1910, he was also apparently bandleader of a klezmer orchestra in Brooklyn, making him a contemporary of New York klezmer musicians from Romania and Bessarabia such as Max Leibowitz, Abe Schwartz, and Joseph Moskowitz, as well as Milu Lemisch in Philadelphia. Irving Gratz, who would later become the regular drummer for Dave Tarras, got his start in Abe's band; Tarras himself also played in the band for a time. In the early 1920s he was advertising his services as a violinist and conductor of A. Katzman's Orchestra. It was in December 1927 that he entered the Brunswick Records studio in New York to record the sides of klezmer dance and performance music for which he is remembered today, under the band name Abe Katzman's Bessarabian Orchestra. It seems probable that he was brought in to make the recordings because his nephew Louis Katzman was a well-known Brunswick Records recording artist and bandleader.Dave...

    Abe married his wife Rebecca (Rivke, née Sugarman/Zuckermann), daughter of a businessman from Akkerman, Bessarabia (now Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Ukraine) in 1894 in Chișinău. They had many children: Louis (born 1895 in Chișinău), Lillie (born 1897 in Chișinău), David (born 1899 in New York), Sam Katzman(born 1901), Sophie (born 1902), Ida (born 1904), George (born 1905), and Bessie (born 1908).

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    His wife (Betty Compson), who became brain-damaged in a car accident not long after leaving him, has been visiting the grounds of the house and the sight of her through his window puts Kessler into a trance-like state which makes him homicidal. Ralph Dickson, the fiancée of Kessler's daughter, is convicted and executed for one of the murders.

    • Al Martin, Helen Martin
    • Sam Katzman
  5. Leonard Katzman was born in New York City on September 2, 1927, to a Jewish family. He began his career in the 1940s, while still in his teens, working as an assistant director for his uncle, Hollywood producer Sam Katzman.

    • Producer; screenwriter; director
    • Sherril Lynn Rettino, Mitchell Wayne Katzman, Frank Katzman, Gary Klein
    • 1940s–1996
    • Ethan Klein (grandson)
    • Plot
    • Cast
    • External Links

    Miamipolice lieutenant Bart Scott informs his captain of his plans to retire. His fiancée, Ann Easton, a widow whose husband was killed in the line of duty, refuses to marry Bart until he quits the force. The captain is murdered by a gunman who also is found dead. The gunman's wife, Lila Hodges, witnesses the crime. She becomes of grave concern to many in Miami with criminal ties, including attorney Raymond Sheridan, who is offering lobbyist Oliver Tubbs a million-dollar bribe to get Miami gambling legalized, and gangster Louis Ascot, who offers Lila sanctuary and takes her to Cuba. Scott manages to get to Lila and persuade her to return to Miami to testify. When she expresses reluctance to do so, he parades her in public, where thugs attempt to killer. Convinced that she has to help, Lila is taken to Scott's home in the Evergladesto remain in hiding until the trial, but when Ascot comes after her, Lila and Ann end up armed and trying to hold off the gunmen until Scott can arrive wi...

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  6. Samuel Katzman: Birthdate: April 07, 1899: Birthplace: Russia (Russian Federation) Death: December 24, 1972 (73) Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey, United States Place of Burial: New York, Queens County, New York, United States: Immediate Family: Husband of Wilhemina Katzman Father of Bernice Vigusin. Managed by: Howard Eichenwald

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