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  1. The Strangler - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Strangler

    Producers Samuel Bischoff and David Diamond originally planned to make a movie called The Boston Strangler, capitalizing on the ongoing interest in the real life serial killer of the same name. The setting was later changed to an unnamed US city.

  2. Intrigue (1947 film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Intrigue_(1947_film)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Intrigue is a 1947 American film noir crime film directed by Edwin L. Marin and starring George Raft, June Havoc and Helena Carter. Intrigue was intended to be the first of a number of films Raft made, with producer Sam Bischoff, for his own production company, Star Films.

  3. Angels with Dirty Faces - Wikipedia › wiki › Angels_with_Dirty_Faces

    Angels with Dirty Faces is a 1938 American gangster film directed by Michael Curtiz for Warner Brothers.It stars James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, The Dead End Kids, Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan, and George Bancroft.

  4. Hollywood Hotel (film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Hollywood_Hotel_(film)

    Hollywood Hotel is a 1937 American romantic musical comedy film, directed by Busby Berkeley, starring Dick Powell, Rosemary Lane, Lola Lane, Hugh Herbert, Ted Healy, Glenda Farrell and Johnnie Davis, featuring Alan Mowbray and Alan Todd, and with Allyn Joslyn, Grant Mitchell and Edgar Kennedy.

  5. A Slight Case of Murder - Wikipedia › wiki › A_Slight_Case_of_Murder

    A Slight Case of Murder is a 1938 American comedy film directed by Lloyd Bacon.The film is based on the 1935 play by Damon Runyon and Howard Lindsay.The offbeat comedy stars Edward G. Robinson spoofing his own gangster image as Remy Marco.

  6. Swing Your Lady - Wikipedia › wiki › Swing_Your_Lady

    Swing Your Lady is a 1938 country musical comedy film directed by Ray Enright, starring Humphrey Bogart, Frank McHugh, and Louise Fazenda.Also featured in the cast is Ronald Reagan in one of his early roles.

  7. Lee Patrick (actress) - Wikipedia › wiki › Lee_Patrick_(actress)

    Lee Patrick (November 22, 1901 – November 21, 1982) was an American actress whose career began in 1922 on the New York stage with her role in The Bunch and Judy which headlined Adele Astaire and featured Adele's brother Fred Astaire.

  8. Outpost in Morocco - Wikipedia › wiki › Outpost_in_Morocco

    Outpost in Morocco is a 1949 action adventure film directed by Robert Florey, starring George Raft and Marie Windsor.Paul Gerard (George Raft), a Moroccan Spahi officer and his French Foreign Legion garrison, holds off attacks from the native tribes of the Emir of Bel-Rashad (Eduard Franz), the father of Cara (Marie Windsor), the woman he loves.

  9. Samuel Bischoff - Hyperleap › topic › Samuel_Bischoff

    Sam Bischoff Samuel Bischoff (August 11, 1890 – May 21, 1975) was an American film producer who was responsible for more than 400 full-length films, two-reel comedies, and serials between 1922 and 1964. wikipedia

  10. Un glonț pentru Joey - Wikipedia › wiki › Un_glonț_pentru_Joey

    Un glonț pentru Joey (în engleză A Bullet for Joey) este un film noir american din 1955 regizat de Lewis Allen. În rolurile principale joacă actorii Edward G. Robinson, George Raft și Audrey Totter

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