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  1. 6 days ago · San Francisco State University 1600 Holloway Ave. San Francisco, CA 94132. Contact: Erica Maciel Administrative Analyst Department Office Manager Phone: (415) 338-2993 Email: Resources

    • How to Register
    • Prerequisites
    • Course Restrictions
    • Registered & Fees Owed
    • Registered & Fees Transferred
    • Subsidies
    • Refunds & Removal of Charges
    • Withdrawal
    • Course Numbering System
    • Disability Programs & Resource Center

    Before you register for classes you need an SF State ID & Password to be able to log in to your student account. If you don't have an SF State ID please see SF State Password & ID. Registration opens on Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

    Read the course description and requisites in the SF State Bulletin. If you have not met the prerequisites and later you are dropped or must withdraw from a course, you will be subject to College of Extended Learning refund deadlines and policies.

    Early Registration

    Registration for the following classes begins on the class start date. Early registration is not available: 1. Undergraduate courses offered by the Lam Family College of Business

    Unavailable Classes

    The following classes are unavailable through Open University: 1. Graduate business courses (700 - 899). 2. Most graduate classes in Health Education, specifically HED 810, HED 811, HED 815, HED 820, HED 821, HED 822, HED 825, HED 828, HED 829, HED 830, HED 831, HED 835, HED 840, HED 855, HED 884, HED 890, HED 895. 3. Most graduate counseling courses, with the following exceptions: COUN 700, COUN 702 and COUN 703. 4. Multiple subjects credential core courses in the department of elementary ed...

    Charges for a dropped/swapped (drop and enroll simultaneously) class will be owed to the university for an unpaid dropped class based on the dates in the Charge Table for Unpaid Open University Tuition Fees. Students can owe either 25% or 100% of their fees for dropped courses based on the periods below. Students who have a Financial Hold in their student record will not be able to swap or add courses until they have paid all fees, including any incurred charges from dropping a course(s).

    Paid fees will transfer for a dropped/swapped (drop and enroll simultaneously) class based on the dates in the Transfer Table for Paid Open University Tuition Fees. Note that a permission number is required from the teacher to enroll in a course once it has begun. During the 75% Transfer of Paid Feesperiod, 75% of the amount paid for a dropped class can be transferred to the new class. The remaining 25% is non-refundable and non-transferable. Students who have a Financial Hold in their student record will not be able to swap or add courses until they have paid all fees they owe, including any incurred charges from dropping a course(s).

    Before swapping one class for another students receiving subsidies must have approval on file with the Subsidy Specialist ( for the class they want to add.

    Refunds Table for Open University Paid Tuition Fees

    The same table applies for removing of tuition fee charges. Payment processing service charges are not refundable. A refund check is mailed to the address listed on the student’s account. Allow three to four weeks on average for refund check processing. According to California State University (CSU) regulations, credit card accounts cannot be credited.

    See Open University sessions information in Calendar & Deadlinesfor deadlines. Students may withdraw from courses after the Drop Deadline and receive a grade of "W" by securing the approval signature of the instructor and the department chair and/or college dean on a withdrawal petition. (Note: failure to attend does not cause students to be dropped from a course.) Do not put a stop payment on a check to drop or withdraw from a course. This results in a financial obligation to SF State for the course fee, plus an additional $20 charge. Failure to withdraw officially from a course generates a failing grade of "F" or "WU".

    000 - 099 Remedial (units do not count toward graduation) 100 - 299 Lower Division 300 - 699 Upper Division 700 - 899 Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate 900 - 999Joint Doctoral Courses

    For information concerning special services to accommodate a physical, perceptual or learning disability, please contact the Disability Programs & Resource Center on the SF State Campus at (415) 338-2472 voice/TTY.

  2. Faculty - San Francisco State University
    • Climate Science
    • Geology
    • Oceanography

    Research Areas: wetland restoration, wetland and estuarine geomorphology, integration of estuarine and climate science with public policy, climate change effects and resilience in estuarine wetlands and nearshore human environments My focus is on the science and policy intersections of climate change, ecosystem restoration, resilience, coupled human-natural systems, and regional land use planning. My work is primarily in estuarine and coastal tidal wetlands and lagoons, their associated ecosystem complexes, and the adjacent human landscapes protected by these natural systems. My geographic focus is mostly the San Francisco Estuary, with international collaborations including comparative geographic studies. My research interests are twofold. First is around restoring wetlands functions and services in the contexts of climate change effects, mitigation, adaptation, and within estuarine “living shorelines”. Wetland functions and services are intimately linked to hydrology and salinity,...

    Research and/or Teaching Area: Fluvial, Hillslope, and Tectonic Geomorphology; Engineering Geology; Hydrology; Ecosystem Restoration Together with my student collaborators, I am asking both basic and applied research questions about the physical processes that shape the surface of the earth and other planetary bodies. We work at both the geological times scale at which landscapes evolve and the much shorter engineering time scale at which humans create and solve problems. We use a spectrum of research approaches, including field observation and experimentation, laboratory physical modeling, development of theoretical models, and numerical landscape analysis and simulation. Recent and current research questions include: How do rivers cut through bedrock to create valleys and limit the heights of mountains? How can we better manage sediment to restore aquatic ecosystems downstream of dams? How are river channels carved by liquid methane into water ice on Saturn’s frozen moon Titan? Wh...

    Research and/or Teaching Area: Hydrodynamics of coastal areas and current systems along continental margins The new undergraduate degree in meteorology and oceanography means that my teaching duties are being shuffled. For my first four years at SFSU I taught the GE class, Geol 102: Introduction to Oceanography and a series of graduate oceanography classes that attracted mostly students pursuing the MS in Marine Biology. In addition I developed a class to teach the MATLAB programming language. With the new degree I will start teaching more majors classes. The first was offered last spring, Metr 200 and 201, a combined course to introduce atmospheric and oceanic dynamics. The students especially appreciated a day cruise on the R/V Point Sur. Well, most of them appreciated the cruise....This academic year I have the opportunity of being the visiting faculty at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. Bill Broenkow retired last year so I am teaching the Introductory Physical Oceanography...

  3. Staff Directory - San Francisco State University

    3 days ago · NAME POSITION EMAIL PHONE; Calder, Joshua: Senior Grant Administrator: 415.405.3575: Chau, Jenny: Compliance Officer: 415.338.1862

    Calder, Joshua
    Senior Grant Administrator
    Chau, Jenny
    Compliance Officer
    Escort, Cherrell
    Grant Human Resources Administrator
    Huynh, Elaine
    Grant Support Coordinator
    • Commencement 2020 – Virtual Ceremony
    • One University, Many Stories
    • 2019 SF State Commencement: The Ceremony
    • SF State Sneak Preview
  4. 6 days ago · With more than 20 locations throughout San Francisco and beyond, UC San Francisco is an industry of its own, contributing greatly to the intellectual vigor and economic vitality of the Bay Area. View our locations

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