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    Sarah Class was born in Watford. Having written music and poetry from an early age and performing as a vocalist and pianist in bands since she was a teenager, Class found her inspiration in the lush woodlands, rolling hills and seascapes of the Isle of Wight. Class graduated with a BA (Hons) in music and art from Chichester University, Sussex ...

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  3. Sarah Class is an Emmy and Brit nominated composer and singer/songwriter. One of the freshest musical voices out on today's music scene.

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  5. Portal:Sarah. From Wikisource. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Class B - Philosophy, Psychology and Religion Subclass S - The Bible. Sarah. Class. B S. Main/Index.

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    Fictional characters

    1. Sara, from The Haunted House(anime)

    Film and television

    1. Sara (1992 film), 1992 Iranian film by Dariush Merhjui 2. Sara (1997 film), 1997 Polish film starring Bogusław Linda 3. Sara (2010 film), 2010 Sri Lankan Sinhala thriller directed by Nishantha Pradeep 4. Sara (2015 film), 2015 Hong Kong psychological thriller 5. Sara (1976 TV series), 1976 American western series 6. Sara (1985 TV series), 1985 American situation comedy 7. Sara (Belgian TV series), 2007–08 Flemish telenovella on Belgian television 8. "Sara (Arrow episode)", an episode of Arrow


    1. Sara (band), a Finnish band 2. "Sara" (Bob Dylan song), a song by Bob Dylan for the 1976 album Desire 3. "Sara" (Fleetwood Mac song), a song by Fleetwood Mac from the 1979 LP Tusk 4. "Sara" (Starship song), a song by Starship from the 1985 album Knee Deep in the Hoopla 5. "Sara", a song by Bill Champlin from the 1981 LP Runaway 6. "Sarah" (disambiguation)#Music, songs

    Saab AB RäkneAutomat (SARA) computer, a calculating machine
    "Sara" or Apple III, a business-oriented personal computer
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