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  1. As of July 1, 2021, there were 2,474 death row inmates in the United States. The number of death row inmates changes frequently with new convictions, appellate decisions overturning conviction or sentence alone, commutations, or deaths (through execution or otherwise).

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    Death row, also known as condemned row, is a place in a prison that houses inmates awaiting execution after being convicted of a capital crime and sentenced to death. The term is also used figuratively to describe the state of awaiting execution ("being on death row"), even in places where no special facility or separate unit for condemned inmates exists.

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    2012 1. Su Chien-ho (蘇建和), Liu Bing-lang (劉秉郎), and Chuang Lin-hsun (莊林勳) were sentenced to death for the 1991 murder of Wu Ming-han and his wife Yeh Ying-lan in Hsichih, Taipei county, Taiwan. They were acquitted in 2012. 2016 1. Cheng Hsing-tse (鄭性澤) was sentenced to death for the 2002 murder of a police officer in Fengyuan, Taichung, Taiwan. He was acquitted in May 2016.

    1966 1. Timothy Evans, convicted and hanged 1950, pardoned 1966. 1968 1. Mahmood Hussein Mattan, convicted and hanged 1952, conviction quashed 1998. 2. Derek Bentley, convicted 1952, executed 1953, pardoned 1993, conviction quashed 1998. 1969 1. Death penalty for murder abolished. 1973 1. Despite abolition in the UK, the separate legal systems meant death sentences still passed in Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands but with no likelihood of their being carried out. One Provisional Irish Republican Armymember was sentenced to death for murder before this anomaly was abolished. European Union protocols signed in 1999 on human rights mean no death penalty statute can exist in an EU country, although this is no longer relevant to the United Kingdom.

    As of April 10, 2021, the Innocence Database from Death Penalty Information Centershows 185 exonerations of prisoners on death row in the United States since 1973.

    Steven Truscottwas convicted of a schoolmate's murder in 1959 and sentenced at age 14 to death by hanging. His sentence was commuted to life in prison four months later, and he was paroled in 1969....

  4. Sarah Dollard (born 21 January 1980) is an Australian television screenwriter, living and working in the United Kingdom. She made her start in writing for television on the long-running Australian soap opera Neighbours, before moving to the UK in 2008.

  5. Woods's execution made him the 67th death row prisoner to be executed in Alabama since 1978. Martin Luther King III criticized the execution, writing, "the actions of the U.S. Supreme Court and the Governor of the State of Alabama are reprehensible and have potentially contributed to an irreversible injustice". [12]

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  6. Apr 28, 2014 · 192. 192. At least 4.1% of all defendants sentenced to death in the US in the modern era are innocent, according to the first major study to attempt to calculate how often states get it wrong in ...

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