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    Sarajevo is near the geometric center of the triangular-shaped Bosnia-Herzegovina and within the historical region of Bosnia proper.It is situated 518 meters (1,699 ft) above sea level and lies in the Sarajevo valley, in the middle of the Dinaric Alps.

    • 550 m (1,800 ft)
    • BIH-71 000
  2. History of Sarajevo - Wikipedia

    Bosniak resistance during the battle of Sarajevo in 1878 against the Austro-Hungarian occupation. In late summer 1878, the city of Sarajevo, along with the rest of Bosnia Vilayet (Ottoman Empire 's westernmost province), was occupied by Austria-Hungary.

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    The Sarajevo Canton, officially the Canton of Sarajevo is one of 10 cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its cantonal seat is the city of Sarajevo, also the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Canton represents the metro area of the country's capital city, Sarajevo together with the City of East Sarajevo. It contains 97% of the city's population, but a much smaller percentage of the official land area. The majority of the population is Bosniak.

    The history of Sarajevo dates back to Neolithic times, when the Butmir culture made its mountains and hills their home. In ancient times, the Sarajevo area was occupied by the Illyrians. The local tribe, the Daesitates, controlled most of the area. They were a warlike bunch and the last Illyrian tribe to resist Roman rule, which finally came in AD 9. Under Roman rule, many roads were constructed in the region, as well as a city on top of modern-day Ilidža. During the Middle Ages, the area ...

    Like all Cantons of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the head of the Sarajevo Canton is called the Prime Minister. The current Prime Minister is Edin Forto. Like many other heads of executive branches of government in the world, the Prime Minister has a cabinet which helps him go about his duties. The Sarajevo Canton also has ministries, services, and agencies to help in the running of the region.

    The Sarajevo Canton has a typical Bosnian geography. It is located close to the geometric center of the country, and contains numerous mountains, including Bjelašnica, Igman, Jahorina, Trebević, and Treskavica. The cities of the Canton are built predominantly on the hills at the foot of these mountains, and the fields in between them. The most significant of these is the Sarajevo field, a small depression upon which the bulk of the city is built upon. The Miljacka river passes through the ...

    Sarajevo is economically strongest region in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city and canton generate more than 37% of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian GDP. The economy of Sarajevo Canton is slowly growing better, although it has been severely weakened by the Siege of Sarajevo and is still drastically weaker than it used to be during Yugoslav period. The employment rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 45.5% officially; however, grey economy may reduce actual unemployment to between 25 and 30%, wh

    The Sarajevo Canton contains Sarajevo and its metro area. Since the city is the largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is also one of the most populous Cantons of Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the 2013 population census, the overall population of Sarajevo Canton is 413.593. 84% of population are ethnic Bosniaks, 4,2% Croats, and 3,2% Serbs.

    • 1,276.9 km² (493.0 sq mi)
    • BA-09
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    Sarajevo housomeivver is the ae true historical name for the ceety. The oreegins o the wird are no mystery. Sarajevo is a Slavic wird based on Saray, the Turkis wird for the govrenor's palace. The ruit can be seen in the Turkis name for Sarajevo, Saraybosna, an various auries o Turkey.

  6. Siege of Sarajevo - Wikipedia

    The Siege of Sarajevo was the siege of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the longest of a capital city in the history of modern warfare. After being initially besieged by the forces of the Yugoslav People's Army, Sarajevo was besieged by the Army of Republika Srpska from 5 April 1992 to 29 February 1996 (1,425 days) during the Bosnian War.

    • 2 April 1992 – 29 February 1996, (3 years, 10 months, 3 weeks and 3 days)
    • Dayton Agreement, War ended and siege lifted, Numerous civilian casualties
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    "Miss Sarajevo" is a song by U2 and Brian Eno, credited to the pseudonym "Passengers". It was released on 20 November 1995 as the only single from their album Original Soundtracks 1. Luciano Pavarotti makes a guest vocal appearance, singing the opera solo. It also appears on U2's compilation The Best of 1990-2000, and was covered by George Michael on his album Songs from the Last Century. While the song did not reach the Billboard Hot 100, it reached number six on the UK Singles Chart and was a

    American journalist Bill Carter suggested to Bono an idea to film a documentary based on Sarajevo's underground resistance movement. Not only did Bono produce the film, he also provided the funds needed to support the project. Taken from the sleeves notes to Original Soundtracks 1: The camera follows the organizers through the tunnels and cellars of the city, giving a unique insight into life during a modern war, where civilians are the targets. The film captures the dark humour of the besieged

    Carter and Bono's documentary collaboration reflects on the personal accounts of the civilians of Sarajevo, a city torn by modern warfare during the Siege of Sarajevo. This conflict stems from the ethnic struggle between Bosnian Serb and Bosnian Muslim government forces. Once Bosnia and Herzegovina had declared their independence from Yugoslavia, the Serbs from Sarajevo suburbs surrounded the capital, Sarajevo, as they planned to include a territory of the country as part of their new Serbian st

    According to Bono, Pavarotti was very fond of the idea of collaboration. Even before "Miss Sarajevo" was thought of, "He had been asking for a song. In fact, asking is an understatement. He had been crank-calling the house. He told me if I didn't write him a song, God would be ve

    After its only live performance by U2 from 1997, the song was played live many times on the band's Vertigo Tour. On the tour's second leg in Amsterdam, "Miss Sarajevo" was played for the first time during the tour, replacing the usual nightly performance of "Running to Stand Stil

    The song returned on the third leg of the band's U2 360° Tour, making its first appearance on the first show for the 2010 leg of the tour, taking place in the Stadio Olimpico di Torino in Torino, Italy. During the performance, which is somewhat similar to the performance on ...

    Stephen Thomas noted that, while the collaboration seemed like "a step too far" on paper, the end result combined U2's rock with Eno's ambience and Pavarotti's emotion. He wrote that the "overall result is a startling realisation that not only are the two music genres, opera and rock, not mutually incompatible, but that Bono and Pavarotti's very different singing styles and capabilities sit unexpectedly well alongside one another."

    • "Bottoms (Watashitachi no Ookina Yume)", "Viva Davidoff"
    • 20 November 1995
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    Sarajevo, in Dizionario di storia, Istituto dell'Enciclopedia Italiana, 2010. (EN) Sarajevo, su Enciclopedia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. (BS) "Sarajevo, mia città!" Portale e guida in linea della città, su URL consultato il 25 gennaio 2020 (archiviato dall'url originale il 9 maggio 2008).

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    Sarajevo S Wikipedije, slobodne enciklopedije Za druga značenja, pogledajte Sarajevo (čvor). Sarajevo je glavni i najveći grad Bosne i Hercegovine, njena metropola i njen najveći urbani, kulturni, ekonomski i prometni centar, glavni grad Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine i sjedište Kantona Sarajevo.

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    Sarajevo uttal är huvudstaden i Bosnien och Hercegovina. Sarajevo har ca 642 000 invånare (fyra kommuner) under juni 2008. Kommunens area är 1 900 km² (augusti 2009). Den är belägen på Sarajevofältet (500 meter över havet), omgiven av bergskedjorna Bjelasnica, Igman, Jahorina och Trebevic.

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