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  1. Saturday Night Fever - Wikipedia

    Saturday Night Fever was a huge commercial success and had a tremendous effect on popular culture of the late 1970s. The film significantly helped to popularize disco music around the world and made Travolta, already well known from his role on TV's Welcome Back, Kotter , a household name; he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance.

    • Plot

      Tony Manero is a 19-year-old Italian American from the Bay...

    • Production

      Donna Pescow was almost considered "too pretty" for the role...

    • Soundtrack

      According to the DVD commentary for Saturday Night Fever,...

    • Release

      Two theatrical versions of the film were released: the...

    • Donna Pescow

      Donna Pescow is an American film and television actress and...

    • Barry Miller

      Barry L. Miller (born February 6, 1958) is an American...

  2. Night Fever - Wikipedia

    " Night Fever " is a song written and performed by the Bee Gees. It first appeared on the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever on RSO Records. Producer Robert Stigwood wanted to call the film Saturday Night, but singer Robin Gibb expressed hesitation at the title.

    • "Down the Road" (live)
    • 7 February 1978
    • c. April 1977, September 1977
    • Disco
  3. Saturday Night Fever (musical) - Wikipedia

    Saturday Night Fever is a 1998 jukebox musical based on the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever. Its book is by Nan Knighton (in collaboration with Arlene Phillips, Paul Nicholas, and Robert Stigwood), and the songs mostly consist of songs that were featured in the film's soundtrack, which in turn were mostly written and performed by the Bee Gees.

  4. Saturday Night Fever (soundtrack) - Wikipedia

    Saturday Night Fever is the soundtrack album from the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta. The soundtrack was released on November 15, 1977. It is one of the best-selling albums in history, and remains the 2nd biggest selling soundtrack of all time selling over 40 million copies worldwide (double disc album).

    • Bill Oakes (Music Supervisor)
    • November 15, 1977
    • 1975–1977
    • Disco
  5. Staying Alive (1983 film) - Wikipedia

    Saturday Night Fever producer and writer Robert Stigwood and Norman Wexler started planning a sequel soon after the original film came out in 1977, due to the film's success. They came up with the title Staying Alive, and Wexler wrote a script.

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  7. Disco Demolition Night - Wikipedia

    The release of the hit movie Saturday Night Fever in 1977, whose star (John Travolta) and musical performers (the Bee Gees) presented a heterosexual image, helped popularize disco in the USA. As Al Coury , president of RSO Records (which had released the bestselling soundtrack album for the film) put it, Saturday Night Fever "took disco out of ...

    • None
    • July 12, 1979
  8. Sesame Street Fever - Wikipedia

    Sesame Street Fever is a concept album made by the cast of Sesame Street in 1978. It follows the characters as a love of disco sweeps Sesame Street. The album heavily parodies Saturday Night Fever, and the cover features Grover where John Travolta should be, and Ernie, Bert, and Cookie Monster in the place of the Bee Gees.

    • Joe Raposo
    • August 1978
  9. Saturday Night Fever (nhạc phim) – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

    Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track là một album nhạc phim của bộ phim Saturday Night Fever (1977) do John Travolta thủ vai chính. Nó được phát hành vào ngày 15 tháng 11 năm 1977, với phần lớn những bài hát được sáng tác và trình diễn bởi the Bee Gees.

    • 15 tháng 11, 1977
    • 1975–1977
    • 75:54
    • Disco
  10. Saturday Night Live - Wikipedia

    Saturday Night Live (also known simply as SNL) is an American late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show created by Lorne Michaels and developed by Dick Ebersol. The show premiered on NBC on October 11, 1975, under the original title NBC's Saturday Night.

    • October 11, 1975 –, present
    • NBC
  11. Saturday Night Fever – lauantai-illan huumaa – Wikipedia

    Saturday Night Fever – lauantai-illan huumaa (engl. Saturday Night Fever) on John Badhamin vuonna 1977 ohjaama vahvasti diskomusiikin ympärille rakentuva yhdysvaltalainen draamaelokuva, jonka miespääosaa esitti vielä tuolloin varsin tuntematon televisionäyttelijä John Travolta.