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  1. King of Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    Saudi Arabia is ruled by Islamic law (Sharia) and is an Islamic state. Other functions. The king of Saudi Arabia is also considered the head of the House of Saud and prime minister. The crown prince is also the "deputy prime minister". The kings after Faisal have named a "second deputy prime minister" as the subsequent heir after the crown prince.

  2. Saudi Arabie - Wikipedia

    Saudi Arabie, kent offeecially as the Kinrick o Saudi Arabie (Arabic: المملكة العربية السعودية,al-Mamlaka al-ʻArabiyya as-Saʻūdiyya) is a Muslim kintra in the Middle East. It is a kinrick led bi the Saudi ryal faimily , cried the Hoose o Saud an aw.

  3. Saudita Arabia - Wikipedia

    al-Rasheed, Madawi, A History of Saudi Arabia (Cambridge University Press, 2002) ISBN 052164335 Pilawen [ mag-edit | alilan ya ing pikuwanan ] The New York Times "Asterisk Aside, First National Vote for Saudis" February 10, 2005

  4. Saudi Erabia - Wikipedia

    Saudi Erabia esa kuntrii i' Asya. Ets t' biges kuntrii i' t' Medl Eist, an t' sekan biges Erab kuntrii (afta Algeria wiich es i' Afreka). T' government o' Saudi Erabia esa Kingdum. However, unlaaek t' Yunitid Kingdum esa absolyuut monarkii, wit lous es bin basii'd a' Islem.

  5. Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    Saudi Arabia (ar: العربية السعودية), ni chalo icho chili kwa Asia This page was last edited on 9 June 2016, at 22:01. Text is available under the ...

  6. Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    Saudi riyal Tempe-sone: Saudi Arabia es lande de westi Asia Disi pagine blid lastim modifika: 12:32 ye 30 auguste 2018. ...

  7. Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    Saudi Arabia em i gat 30.770.375 manmeri (2014). Lukim tu. Sampela piksa long Category:Saudi Arabia istap long Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 30 Ogas ...

  8. Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    Riyal saudi Li cité capital es Riad. It have 32.938.213 habitantes (2017). Saudi Arabia es un monarchisme absolut. Rey: Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (2015). Landes ...

  9. Arabia Saudită - Wikipedia

    Culture and Customs of Saudi Arabia. ISBN 978-0-313-32021-7. Otto, Jan Michiel (2010). Sharia Incorporated: A Comparative Overview of the Legal Systems of Twelve Muslim Countries in Past and Present. ISBN 978-90-8728-057-4. Al-Rasheed, Madawi (2010). A History of Saudi Arabia. ISBN 978-0-521-74754-7. Legături externe

  10. Atlas of Saudi Arabia - Wikimedia Commons

    Feb 29, 2020 · The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula. It borders Jordan on the northwest, Iraq on the north and northeast, Kuwait , Qatar , Bahrain , and the United Arab Emirates on the east, Oman on the southeast, and Yemen on the south, with the Persian Gulf with Iran to its northeast and the Red Sea with Egypt Sudan ...

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