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    Schleswig-Holstein is a leader in the country's growing renewable energy industry. In 2014, Schleswig-Holstein became the first German state to cover 100% of its electric power demand with renewable energy sources (chiefly wind, solar, and biomass).

    • 15,763.18 km² (6,086.20 sq mi)
    • Germany
  2. Schleswig, Schleswig-Holstein - Wikipedia

    Schleswig (UK: / ˈ ʃ l ɛ s v ɪ ɡ /, US: /-w ɪ ɡ,-w ɪ k,-v ɪ k, ˈ ʃ l eɪ s v ɪ k /, German: [ˈʃleːsvɪç]; Danish: Slesvig; South Jutlandic: Sljasvig; Low German: Sleswig; archaic English: Sleswick) is a town in the northeastern part of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is the capital of the Kreis (district) Schleswig-Flensburg. It ...

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    The Province of Schleswig-Holstein (German: Provinz Schleswig-Holstein [ˈʃleːsvɪç ˈhɔlʃtaɪn]) was a province of the Kingdom of Prussia (subsequently the Free State of Prussia after 1918) from 1868 to 1946.

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    Schleswig-Holstein is the second ship of the Hamburg-class destroyer of the German Navy.

    The Type 101 Hamburg class was the only class of destroyers built during post-war Germany. They were specifically designed to operate in the Baltic Sea, where armament and speed is more important than seaworthiness. They were named after Bundesländer of West Germany. The German shipyard Stülcken was contracted to design and build the ships. Stülcken was rather inexperienced with naval shipbuilding, but got the order, since the shipyards traditionally building warships for the German ...

    Schleswig-Holstein was laid down on 20 August 1959 and launched on 20 August 1960 in Hamburg. She was commissioned on 12 October 1964 and decommissioned on 15 December 1994. Finally towed to Belgium and scrapped in 1998.

    Schleswig-Holstein firing during gunnery exercise in 1984

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  6. Schleswig, Schleswig-Holstein - Wikipedia,_Schleswig-Holstein

    Schleswig (Dens: Slesvig; Sooth Jutlandic: Sljasvig, archaic Inglis: Sleswick; Low German: Sleswig) is a toun in the northeastren pairt o Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is the caipital o the Kreis (destrict) Schleswig-Flensburg. It haes a population o aboot 27,000, the main industries bein leather an fuid processin.

    • Thorsten Dahl
    • Germany
  7. German frigate Schleswig-Holstein - Wikipedia

    Schleswig-Holstein is a Brandenburg-class frigate of the German Navy. Construction and commissioning. Schleswig-Holstein and the three other frigates of the Brandenburg class were designed as replacements for the Hamburg-class destroyers. She was laid in 1993 at the yards of Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft, Kiel and launched in June 1994.

    • 24 November 1995
    • 138.85 metres (455.5 ft)
    • 8 June 1994
    • >29 knots (54 km/h; 33 mph)
  8. SMS Schleswig-Holstein - Wikipedia
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    SMS Schleswig-Holstein was the last of the five Deutschland-class battleships built by the German Kaiserliche Marine. The ship, named for the province of Schleswig-Holstein, was laid down in the Germaniawerft dockyard in Kiel in August 1905 and commissioned into the fleet nearly three years later. The ships of her class were already outdated by the time they entered service, being inferior in size, armor, firepower and speed to the new generation of dreadnought battleships. Schleswig-Holstein fo

    The passage of the Second Naval Law in 1900 under the direction of Vizeadmiral Alfred von Tirpitz secured funding for the construction of twenty new battleships over the next seventeen years. The first group, the five Braunschweig-class battleships, were laid down in the early 1900s, and shortly thereafter design work began on a follow-on design, which became the Deutschland class. The Deutschland-class ships were broadly similar to the Braunschweigs and featured incremental improvements in armo

    Schleswig-Holstein was laid down on 18 August 1905 at the Germaniawerft dockyard in Kiel. She was launched on 17 December 1906, the last pre-dreadnought battleship of the German navy. At Schleswig-Holstein's launching ceremony, she was christened by Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein, the German Empress; Wilhelm II was also in attendance. Ernst Gunther, the Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, gave the commissioning speech. Upon completion, Schleswig-Holstein was commissioned for sea trials on 6 July

  9. Second Schleswig War - Wikipedia

    The Second Schleswig War (Danish: 2. Slesvigske Krig; German: Deutsch-Dänischer Krieg) was the second military conflict over the Schleswig-Holstein Question of the nineteenth century. The war began on 1 February 1864, when Prussian and Austrian forces crossed the border into Schleswig.

    • 1 February – 30 October 1864, (8 months and 29 days), pre-war actions 23 and 24 December 1863
    • Austro-Prussian victory, Treaty of Vienna
  10. First Schleswig War - Wikipedia

    The First Schleswig War (German: Schleswig-Holsteinischer Krieg) or Three Years' War (Danish: Treårskrigen) was the first round of military conflict in southern Denmark and northern Germany rooted in the Schleswig-Holstein Question, contesting the issue of who should control the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein.

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