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  1. Our science worksheets tap into that fascination with grade-specific lessons and activities about astronomy, geology, chemistry, and more. Whether your youngest child is curious about why the earth spins, or your oldest child is interested in the intricacies of plate tectonics, our science worksheets are here to educate and captivate.

  2. Science worksheets for kindergarten to grade 5, organized by grade and topic. Topics include plants, animals, our bodies, weather and seasons, properties of heat, light and sound, forces and motion, the solar system and the environment. Free | Printable | Science | Worksheets.

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  4. Science Worksheets are an invaluable tool for introducing children to basic scientific principles and exploring the natural world. Science worksheets are designed to help children learn the basics of scientific thinking and apply it to everyday problem solving.

    • Human Body Systems Worksheets (Free Printables for Kids) These free 5 main body systems worksheets are a great way to start learning about the body. Have fun labeling the body systems while learning new words.
    • Human Body Systems Word Search (Free Printable) Learn 18 new science vocabulary words with this free body systems word search printable. The words are hidden vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, and some are even hidden backward.
    • 10 Free Phases of the Moon Worksheets - The 8 Phases of the Moon. Learn about the 8 phases of the moon with these free printables.
    • Phases of the Moon Word Search. Learn 15 vocabulary words relating to the phases of the moon with our free phases of the moon word search puzzle.
  5. Looking for homeschool science worksheets and printables? From cell biology flashcards and labeling worksheets to animal reports, The Homeschool Scientist has you covered. Below are links to all the FREE and affordably-priced homeschool science printables (with a little math thrown in) from The Homeschool Scientist.

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    Science Worksheets. Learn to classify animal (vertebrate) groups with these printable animal worksheets. Learn about mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and amphibians. Read about your all of your favorite animal species. Learn about plant and animal cells with these diagrams, worksheets, and activities. Print dinosaur reading comprehension ...

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