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    The Shroud of Turin, a linen cloth that tradition associates with the crucifixion and burial of Jesus, has undergone numerous scientific tests, the most notable of which is radiocarbon dating, in an attempt to determine the relic's authenticity.

  2. Why Shroud of Turin's Secrets Continue to Elude Science › history › article

    Apr 17, 2015 · The Shroud of Turin, the STURP team concluded, “remains now, as it has in the past, a mystery.” The Carbon-14 Bombshell In 1988, the Vatican authorized carbon-14 dating of the shroud.

  3. 10 Ancient Artifacts That Are Shrouded In Mystery › 2017 › 10

    Oct 13, 2017 · The shroud was partly damaged in 1532 during a fire in the chapel in Chambery, France. It was repaired by the nuns by sewing some patches onto the cloth. Later, carbon-dating on a piece of the shroud revealed that the material dates about a millennium later than the life and death of the Jesus.

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    Carbon Dating the Turin Shroud. Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol 1996, ISBN 978-0-7503-0398-9 Markus von Hänsel-Hohenhausen: Vom Antlitz in der Welt.

  5. Dec 17, 2006 · France's favourite saint was martyred by her English foes, who ordered her remains to be cast into the Seine. Now scientists believe they have established the facts surrounding her execution.

  6. Jan 01, 2021 · The Shroud of Turin; ... The Shroud and the 1988 Carbon Dating Scandal ... and the superiority of science over the "uninformed", "unscientific", religious community. ...


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